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How to request Chinese books online?

好消息! 2014年1月以後我館購買的中文書籍可以在網上預訂了. 您也可以網上預訂BCCLS (共77個馆) 的中文書籍.



1. 進入網址:, 點擊上方Catalog可見“中文”兩字,點擊, 即可看到我館中文書目. 

2. 在”中文書目” 下方點擊 “最新中文書籍, 電影, 電視連續劇及音樂光盤等目錄 (2014至今)”, 找到您要預訂書的書名.

3. 或進入網址: 在Search Catalog裡面打”chinese language materials “, 按”go”, 即可調出部分 BCCLS 77 個圖書館包括我館所擁有的中文書籍及與中文有關的英文書籍.

4. 將中文書名拷貝到BCCLS目錄主頁右上角”Search Catalog” 裡. 網址是:

5. 點擊此書目的右邊 “Place Request”.

6. 輸入您的圖書證號碼及密碼.

7. 點擊 ” Log In ” “Submit Request”. 您要的書幾天內即可到達所在圖書館.


如果不知道自己要借的中文圖書書名, 想瀏覽一下書單再決定, 怎麼做?

1. 進入網址: 在Search Catalog裡面打”Zhong wen”, 按”go” 即可調出我館2014以後購買中文書的部分書單.

2. 進入網址: 在Search Catalog裡面打”chinese language materials “, 按”go”, 即可調出BCCLS77個圖書館包括我館所擁有的中文書籍及與中文有關的英文書籍.

3. 進入網址: 可見到我館中文書目.

4. 進入網址: 點擊上方Catalog可見“中文”兩字,點擊, 即可看到我館中文書目.



李文斯頓圖書館是 77 家BCCLS圖書館中擁有最大中文館藏的圖書館之一. 現有中文圖書4,000餘冊, 中文雜誌29種, 並有世界日報供大家閱覽. 為了滿足廣大讀者的需要, 我們正在擴大中文藏書。


Livingston Public Library Chinese Collection

The Livingston Public Library has one of the largest Chinese collections of all the 77 BCCLS libraries.  It has over 4, 000 Chinese books, 29 Chinese magazines and the World Journal Chinese newspaper.  To meet the needs of our patrons, we are expanding our Chinese collection.

Indian Language Collection

The Livingston Public Library has a sizable collection of Indian language materials. 

It includes books (fiction and nonfiction) in Hindi and Gujarati.  The DVD collection comprises Gujarati plays and movies, Hindi television serials (including multi volume sets of the Mahabharata and Ramayana), Marathi language feature films, and music CDs in different genres like classical, pop, instrumental, and devotional.

The library also has a collection of Hindi feature films, labeled “Bollywood”, that includes classics to new releases.  

All these Indian language materials are located in the World Languages section right around the corner from the Library entrance.

The following Indian magazines in English are available to borrow on Libby: India Today; Business Today; Stardust

For a full listing of Hindi and Gujarati books and media, and Marathi movies, please click on the links above.


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