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Welcome Spring With Flowers


Welcome Spring With Flowers

welcome spring with flowers

Flowers signify the start of spring. They symbolize love, care, and affection. In the list below, find books about flowers used in a variety of ways. Be sure to “pick one” to enjoy. 

encyclopedia of cut flowers

The Encyclopedia of Cut Flowers : What Flowers to Buy, When to Buy Them, and How to Keep Them Alive for Longer by Calvert Crary

From Calvert Crary, author of Flower School and executive director of FlowerSchool NY and FlowerSchool LA, The Encyclopedia of Cut Flowers is a first-of-its-kind, beautiful yet practical guide to buying and caring for 146 different varieties of cut flowers, including information on how to get the most for your money by prolonging the life of your flowers.

Pianos and Flowers : Brief Encounters of the Romantic Kind by Alexander McCall Smith

In Pianos and Flowers we are invited, through the medium of sepia images, to glimpse a world long departed. In these stories, inspired by long-lost photographs, the lives of the people in the frame are imagined and then explored, layer by layer. What must have it like to be them? We hold our breath for them. Our heart beats faster for them. We look again at the photograph in a new light, and say Yes, it might have happened just like that. 

Orchid Muse : A History of Obsession in Fifteen Flowers by Erica Hannickel

A kaleidoscopic journey into the world of nature’s most tantalizing flower, and the lives it has inspired. The epitome of floral beauty, orchids have long fostered works of art, tales of adventure, and scientific discovery. Tenacious plant hunters have traversed continents to collect rare specimens; naturalists and shoguns have marveled at orchids’ seductive architecture; royalty and the smart set have adorned themselves with their allure.

Fabulous Paper Flowers : Make 43 Beautiful Asian Flowers from Irises to Cherry Blossoms to Peonies by Emiko Yamamoto

Exquisite paper flowers that never wilt! In this book, Japanese paper crafting expert Emiko Yamamoto reveals her secrets for making realistic blossoms, leaves and stems from inexpensive colored paper sheets. Her simple cut-curl-paste method is perfect for beginners–making it easy to create dozens of different flowers.

Chinese Brush Painting : Four Seasons : Paint Flowers, Birds & More with 24 Step-by-Step Projects by Fei Le Niao 

This book combines Chinese painting techniques with twenty-four solar terms of traditional Chinese culture. According to the sequence of the four seasons-spring, summer, autumn, and winter-natural scenes are refined into a series of charming ink paintings. Following the tutorials in this book, you can complete beautiful ink and wash paintings in just a few strokes. 

language of flowers

The Language of Flowers by Sarah Cray

The story of a woman whose gift for flowers helps her change the lives of others even as she struggles to overcome her own past.

Martha’s Flowers : A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s lifelong love of flowers began at a young age, as she dug in and planted alongside her father in their family garden, growing healthy, beautiful blooms, every year. The indispensable lessons she learned then–and those she has since picked up from master gardeners–form the best practices she applies to her voluminous flower gardens today. 

On Flowers : Lessons From an Accidental Florist by Amy Merrick

A one-of-a-kind journey into the mind of the beloved floral designer, celebrating the beauty and possibilities of nature and how to use it to create elegant, ephemeral arrangements. She begins with a primer containing all her hard-won secrets on the art of flower arranging, from selecting materials to mastering pleasing proportions.

Modern Dried Flowers : 20 Everlasting Projects to Craft, Style, Keep and Share by Angela Maynard

Gathered is an accessible, contemporary guide to the sustainable art of drying flowers. Learn about this chic craft’s origins, variety of uses, and the inexpensive practice of drying and elegantly arranging flowers today. Find inspiration and follow step-by-step instructions to master all of the basic skills, tools and techniques necessary to preserving your grasses and blooms beautifully, both for the home and special occasions.

The Flower-Powered Garden : Supercharge Your Borders and Containers with Bold, Colourful Plant Combinations by Andy Vernon

The Flower-Powered Garden urges home gardeners to embrace one of the most joyful and important parts of the garden—color! Andy Vernon, a self-professed flower fanatic, highlights perennials and annuals that pack a punch, and shares 15 color combinations that can be used in containers and gardens. 

american wildflowers

American Wildflowers : A Literary Field Guide

American Wildflowers: A Literary Field Guide collects poems, essays, and letters from the 1700s to the present that focus on wildflowers and their place in our culture and in the natural world. Editor Susan Barba has curated a selection of plants and texts that celebrate diversity: There are foreign-born writers writing about American plants and American writers on non-native plants.

Flowerpaedia : 1,000 Flowers and Their Meanings by Cheralyn Darcey

Flowerpaedia is an A-Z reference guide of over 1000 flowers. A comprehensive dictionary of flowers researched and compiled by botanical explorer Cheralyn Darcey.

The Language of Flowers : A Fully Illustrated Compendium of Meaning, Literature, and Lore for the Modern Romantic by Odessa Begay

With gorgeous full-color illustrations, ornate decorative elements, lettering in metallic ink, and engaging text, The Language of Flowers: A Fully Illustrated Compendium of Meaning, Literature, and Lore for the Modern Romantic is a treasure for flower lovers.

Modern Faux Flower Projects : Fresh, Stylish Arrangements and Home Décor with Silk Florals and Faux Greenery by Stevie Storck

Flowers breathe fresh air into our home décor, but constantly replacing and maintaining fresh flowers can be expensive and tricky. With today’s faux florals becoming more realistic than ever, you can make lovely, long-lasting home decor with affordable artificial flowers!

The Story of Flowers and How They Changed the Way We Live by Noel Kingsbury

Throughout history flowers have been an integral part of human survival and culture – as food, for medicine, to express feelings, as symbols, to commemorate and celebrate, and to decorate. Their shapes, colors, scents and textures have always attracted us, as they do animals and insects.

flower gardening for beginners

Flower Gardening for Beginners : A Guide to Growing and Maintaining a Cut Flower Garden by Amy Barene

With the right guidance and a little practice, you can grow a cut-flower garden from seed and brighten every room in your home with fresh blooms! Flower Gardening for Beginners has all the information you’ll need to plan, cultivate, tend, harvest, and arrange home-grown flowers-no experience required. 

Crafting With Flowers : Pressed Flower Decorations, Herbariums, and Gifts for Every Season by Katie Meadow

Make your own unique, whimsical jewelry and gifts inspired by nature’s beauty! Everyone could add a bit of brightness to their daily life. This book will teach you how to make a wide range of floral crafts, and help you truly connect to nature and the magical woodlands. 

Seasonal Flower Arranging : Fill Your Home With Blooms, Branches, and Foraged Materials All Year Round by Ariella Chezar

Just as fruits and vegetables taste best when they are harvested locally and seasonally, flowers that are picked close to home and at their peak reflect a true connection to time and place. Nature does not deliver its harvest all at once–each season has its stars and Ariella Chezar, author of The Flower Workshop, shows you how to make the most of them.

The Little Flower Recipe Book : 148 Tiny Arrangements for Every Season & Occasion by Jill Rizzo

The best things come in small packages! Beloved florist Jill Rizzo (coauthor of the bestselling Flower Recipe Book) is back, and this time she has turned her attention to charming miniature arrangements. Projects are organized seasonally, and range from a thimble-sized vase of pansies to a tiny teacup holding a bundle of zinnias to a bud vase with a single Japanese anemone. 

Eat Your Flowers : A Cookbook by Loria Stern

Cooking with botanical ingredients for stunning visuals and delicious flavors, from Loria Stern, the originator of the botanical-pressed cookies trend.

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