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“Thank You for Your Service”: Books, Magazines, Films for Military Appreciation Month 2022


“Thank You for Your Service”: Books, Magazines, Films for Military Appreciation Month 2022

The month of May has been designated as National Military Appreciation Month, to honor and appreciate the patriotism and dedication shown by members of the armed services and their families.

Here are some recently published works on military history, accounts of battle, war memoirs, and military themed fiction followed by magazines and films, which should remind us of the immense valor, sacrifice, commitment and dedication displayed by our men and women in uniform.  All are available to borrow with your Livingston Library card.

Against All Odds : A True Story Of Ultimate Courage And Survival In World War II by Alex Kershaw

Kershaw vividly chronicles 600 days of WWII combat endured by the U.S. Army’s Third Infantry Division while focusing on the personalities and exploits of four exceptional soldiers who experienced missions in Morocco, Italy, southern France, Germany, and Austria. These four heroes and their comrades demonstrated that both individual and group bravery counts in battle at least as much as superior weapons systems. 

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea : A Novel by André Lewis Carter

In the early 1970s, César Alvarez enlists in the Navy to escape a life of crime; while the decision saves him from the streets, it also lands him amid volatile racial tensions at a crucial moment in US history.

Black Ops : The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior by Ric Prado

A memoir by the highest-ranking covert warrior to lift the veil of secrecy and offer a glimpse into the shadow wars that America has fought since the Vietnam Era.  It is a testament to the courage, creativity and dedication of the Agency’s Special Activities Group and its elite shadow warriors.

Bluebird by Genevieve Graham

A dazzling novel set during the Great War and postwar Prohibition about a young nurse, a soldier, and a family secret that binds them together for generations to come.

Damn lucky : one man’s courage during the bloodiest military campaign in aviation history by Kevin Maurer

Journalist Maurer delivers a comprehensive account of bomber pilot John “Lucky” Luckadoo’s experiences during WWII. A B-17 Flying Fortress pilot, he miraculously survived 25 missions during the initial bombing of France and Germany from England, considered the deadliest military campaign in aviation history; his group became known as “The Bloody 100th.” 

The Education Of Corporal John Musgrave : A Memoir by John Musgrave

In this sobering memoir, Musgrave revisits his tour in Vietnam and his advocacy against the war after surviving a grave injury.  After suffering a life-threatening chest wound, Musgrave returned stateside with a Purple Heart, but his status as a veteran made him a target for the anti-war movement. This exacerbated his own doubts about the war—prompted by the loss of lives he saw to friendly fire and the inferior firearms his squad was entrusted with—and led Musgrave to become a vocal opponent of the war.

Every Day Is A Gift : A Memoir by Tammy Duckworth

The Iraq War veteran traces her impoverished childhood, her decision to join the Army, the months spent recovering from the RPG attack that shot down her helicopter and nearly took her life, and her subsequent mission of serving in elected office.

Facing The Mountain : A True Story Of Japanese American Heroes In World War II by Daniel James Brown

In the days and months after Pearl Harbor, the lives of Japanese Americans across the continent and Hawaii were changed forever. In this unforgettable chronicle of war-time America and the battlefields of Europe, Daniel James Brown portrays the journey of Rudy Tokiwa, Fred Shiosaki, and Kats Miho, who volunteered for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and were deployed to France, Germany, and Italy, where they were asked to do the near impossible. Brown also tells the story of these soldiers’ parents, immigrants who were forced to submit to life in concentration camps on U.S. soil.

Immortal Valor : The Black Medal Of Honor Winners Of World War II by Robert Child

The remarkable story of the seven African American soldiers ultimately awarded the World War II Medal of Honor, and the 50-year campaign to deny them their recognition.

In The Company Of Heroes : The Inspiring Stories Of Medal Of Honor Recipients From America’s Longest Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq by James Kitfield

This book features in-depth narrative profiles of the twenty-five post-9/11 Medal of Honor awardees who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The stories of these extraordinary people are expressed in their own voices through one-on-one interviews, and in the case of posthumous awards, through interviews with their brothers in arms and their families.

Red Burning Sky by Tom Young

A powerfully authentic and thrilling saga based on the true story of Operation Halyard, WWII’s most daring and successful rescue mission, from air combat veteran and acclaimed author Tom Young.

Soldier Parrott : The Incredible Story Of America’s First Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient by  J. North Conway

This is the riveting account of how Jacob Parrott, an 18-year-old, illiterate orphan from Ohio became the first soldier to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Parrott, a private in the Union Army, volunteered in 1862 for a secret mission behind Confederate lines to steal a train, tear up railroad tracks, burn bridges, and cut telegraph lines. The mission failed. Parrott and his companions were captured. Several were hung as spies and Parrott spent nearly two years in a Confederate prison. 

Digital issues of Military History Magazine are available to check out on Overdrive.

You can stream a variety of videos related to military history on Kanopy

Or why not play one of these acclaimed war themed movies available in the Library’s DVD collection and remember our military brethren this Memorial Day weekend?

Black Hawk Down


Full Metal Jacket: A Film by Stanley Kubrick

The Outpost 


Saving Private Ryan

-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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The library will be closed Sunday, 5/26 and Monday, 5/27 in observance of Memorial Day.
The library will be closed Sunday, 5/26 and Monday, 5/27 in observance of Memorial Day.