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Keep On Learning

Keep On Learning

Kanopy is the newest resource here at the Livingston Public Library!

What is it, you say? No, this Kanopy (with a K, not a C) does not involve plantations of sought-after green leaves. But it is definitely another awesome source of relaxation, and information, brought to you by our Library. Kanopy is a streaming service with thoughtful entertainment in mind, which is actually their tag line. And here’s why:

Kanopy aims to provide selections that are critically-acclaimed, inspiring, and thought-provoking, as explained in their website. You can view movies, classic cinema, indie films, foreign films, documentaries, instruction videos, entertainment for kids, and the famous Great Courses! There are about 12 main genres to choose from, each on average with 10 subgenres — all beautifully curated, each meant not only to entertain but also to enrich — with interesting lists, and wonderful subjects. There is sure to be something for anyone who ventures in!

To access Kanopy, visit our website at where you can find Kanopy in several places. The links via the Digital Collections, and the Adult Services Books & More sections will bring you to Kanopy‘s main page. The links via Resources A-Z, and Online Learning sections will bring you directly to The Great Courses. And the link in the Children’s Department brings you straight to Kanopy Kids! Whichever link you choose to log in, you can access the whole collection by clicking on Kanopy‘s logo, and this will bring you to their main landing page. You can also download the app, or view from a browser, and can have access 24/7 from your preferred devices!

Just sign up with your library card, then pair it with an email address plus password, and you’re all set. Each month, you are allowed 10 play credits max to spend on any movie within Kanopy. Each play credit equates to one move, viewable for 72 hours (3 days), for as many times as you’d like. Your available remaining credits are displayed on the top right, and get reset to the borrowing limits set for our Library (i.e. 10 play credits) on the 1st of each month. Kanopy Kids, on the other hand, does not require play credits, so you can enjoy as many of these, as many times, as you’d like with your young ones.

Plus, there is more good news for our Livingston Library patrons.

Our Library also opted to include access to The Great Courses via Kanopy — perfect for the curious, and the inquisitive minds. Livingston patrons are allowed one course per month, i.e. on top of the 10 play credits for movies, and other video recordings. This one-course-a-month privilege includes all episodes for the course, whether the series comes with one or a hundred episodes. Once a course has been selected, the Great Courses series will be available for viewing for a month. After which you will only be allowed to view another course again when the course limits get refreshed at the start of each month. Like the other offerings, there are so many captivating topics to choose from for The Great Courses!

Perfect for the days when we stay in. So get ready… to get cozy… with Kanopy!

Janea Agbayani, Technology Department Library Specialist

For more information, visit: or

For other topics, themes, and resources suggested for lifelong learning pursuits, visit our blog under the tag: Keep On Learning.

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Kanopy is the newest resource here at the Livingston Public Library! What is it, you say? No, this Kanopy (with a K, not a C) does not involve plantations of sought-after...
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