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Bookish Thoughts

Bookish Thoughts

Hello Livingston Library readers! 

Can you believe we are already a few weeks into 2023? 

Every year, I like to set a reading goal for myself.  In the past my goals always focused on how many books I could read in a year, where at times I would try to read as many as 100 books. In 2022 I set a new goal to read more purposely, focusing on quality over quantity. This focus on reading more of what I want to and taking time to enjoy what I read is something that I plan on continuing in 2023. 

If you set or are still thinking of setting a 2023 reading goal, the Livingston Public Library is here to help you!  When you stop by the Library, you can find book lists on the endcaps in the fiction collection on a wide variety of genres. We also have book displays which change every 2 weeks in the adult seating area, book clubs (including our new Thrilling Tales book group), blog posts on many different subjects, and of course, friendly librarians who are happy to help you find your next favorite read!

If you’re looking for other ways to challenge yourself in 2023, we encourage you to attend one of the Library’s adult lectures, performances, art programs, or other groups! You can view the Library’s full event calendar, here. 

We hope to see you at the Library soon!

-Jessica, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions 

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Hello Livingston Library readers!  Can you believe we are already a few weeks into 2023?  Every year, I like to set a reading goal for myself. ...
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