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Did you know that March is National Noodle Month? How will you be celebrating? Trying to make your own noodles is one of the best ways to experience National Noodle Month. The books listed below provide lovely noodle recipes and tips for creating noodle dishes at home. So why wait? Get cooking some delicious noodles today! (Note: descriptions are taken from the publishers)

send noods

Send Noods : 50 Amazing Noodle Recipes That You Want Right Now by Chloe Godot

Get the noods you really want! Things are looking hot. Chloe Godot’s Send Noods is a cleverly tantalizing book of 50 noodle recipes that will never fail to whet your appetite. When your actual DMs are just too cringeworthy and you’d rather have a bowl of ramen to keep you warm at night, turn to the cookbook that really satisfies. 

that noodle life

That Noodle Life : Soulful, Savory, Spicy, Slurpy by Mike Le

Oh, noodles! You’re so much fun. You’re so beloved! All your magical shapes, flavors, and textures. But no one obsesses over you quite like Mike Le and Stephanie Le, the-husband-and-wife team who are superstars in the food blog world. Their humbly named iamafoodblog boasts 186,000 followers on Instagram and receives 500,000 page views each month-and in it they profess their undying love for noodles in the most delicious, clever, and visually striking ways. That Noodle Life is their 75-recipe celebration of the myriad pleasures of noodles.

noodle worship

Noodle Worship : Easy Recipes for All the Dishes You Crave from Asian, Italian and American Cuisines by Larone Thompson

Indulge your taste buds with the creamiest, dreamiest, most deliciously drool-worthy noodle dishes. Tiffani and Larone of @noodleworship show you how to create the best noodles from around the world using simple, straightforward, flavor-packed recipes that are perfect for beginners and busy families. 

damn good chinese food

Damn Good Chinese Food : Dumplings, Fried Rice, Bao Buns, Sesame Noodles, Roast Duck, Fried Rice, and More by Chris Cheung

Like many of his predecessors, chef Chris Cheung was inspired by the place where he grew up, lived, worked, and ate. From take-out orders at tiny hole-in-the wall teahouses to the lush green vegetables piled high at the markets, celebration dinners at colossal banquet halls to authentic home-cooked meals, Chinatown’s culinary treasures and culture laid the groundwork for his career as a chef and serve as the creative force behind this book.

vegan pasta cookbook

The Vegan Pasta Cookbook : Deliciously Indulgent Plant-Based Versions of Italian Classics, Asian Noodles, Mac & Cheese, and More by Rebecca Hinbcke

Discover endless pasta-bilities for every night of the week. Whether you seek simple yet delicious dinner ideas, vegan versions of your favorite noodle dishes or easy meals that increase your veggie intake, blogger Rebecca Hincke has a pasta for you. In this comprehensive collection, she shares 60 irresistible recipes–from time-honored Italian fare and Asian-inspired stir-fries to nourishing noodle soups, plant-powered pasta salads and more. Enjoy comforting classics like Creamy Stovetop Mac & Cheese, soothing Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup and hearty Spaghetti and Vegan Meatballs.

chinese homestyle

Chinese Homestyle : Everyday Plant-Based Recipes for Takeout, Dim Sum, Noodles, and More by Maggie Zhu

Enjoy the bold flavors of Chinese food with 90 accessible plant-based recipes for the Western cook and kitchen. No wok required! With her popular blog, Omnivore’s Cookbook, Maggie Zhu is the go-to person for traditional Chinese recipes designed for the Western home cook, and over the past few years, she has been incorporating more plant-based cooking into her diet. In Chinese Homestyle, Maggie shares a wide range of foolproof vegan recipes that pack all the flavor and none of the meat.

xian famous foods

Xi’an Famous Foods : The Cuisine of Western China from New York’s Favorite Noodle Shop by Jason Wang

Since its humble opening in 2005, Xian Famous Foods has expanded from one stall in Flushing to 14 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. CEO Jason Wang divulges the untold story of how this empire came to be, alongside the never-before-published recipes that helped create this New York City icon. From heavenly ribbons of liang pi doused in a bright vinegar sauce to flatbread filled with caramelized pork to cumin lamb over hand-pulled Biang Biang noodles, this cookbook helps home cooks make the dishes that fans of Xian Famous Foods line up for while also exploring the vibrant cuisine and culture of Xian.

this is a book about noodles

This is a Book About Noodles by Brendan Pang

If you’ve been searching for flavorful recipes within the realm of Asian cuisine that hit all the right notes, look no further than This is a Book About Noodles. Featuring 60+ noodle dishes, including recipes for incredible sauces and step-by-step guides for shaping a variety of homemade noodles from dough, this is a cookbook that will take you on a fantastic culinary journey. 

cooking with chiles

Cooking with Chiles : Spicy Meat, Seafood, Noodle, Rice, and Vegetable-Forward Recipes from Around the World by Clifford A. Wright

James Beard Award–winning author Clifford Wright is your guide to some of the world’s most flavorful and spicy cuisines with 75 authentic recipes featuring chili pepper heat. From salsa roja of Mexico to the kimchi of Korea, Cooking with Chiles presents these recipes with delicious accuracy and authenticity.

asian noodles

Asian Noodles : 86 Classic Recipes from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan by Maki Watanabe

If you’re an avid noodle lover–or ready to graduate from perennial favorite Ramen Noodles–look no further! Experienced Asian cookbook author Maki Watanabe provides all her secret recipes and tips for creating delicious Asian noodle dishes at home with minimal fuss and time. These 86 noodle recipes cover the Asian cuisines best known for their noodle dishes: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. They include all the classics that are already well-loved in the West–from Vietnamese Pho to Korean Japchae, and Pad Thai to Chinese Wonton Noodles.


Rice. Noodles. Yum. : Everyone’s Favorite Southeast Asian Dishes by Abigail Sotto Raines

Born and raised in the Philippines, Abigail Raines traveled extensively in Southeast Asia to bring its flavors right to your plate. Her travels taught her that noodles and rice are the perfect canvas for the sweet, salty and spicy flavors of Asian cuisine―inspiring her to create this delicious collection of recipes.

ultimate japanese noodles cookbook

The Ultimate Japanese Noodles Cookbook : Amazing Soba, Udon, Hot Pot and Japanese Pasta Recipes by Masahiro Kasahara

Discover a new world of quick and delicious noodle and pasta dishes: Simmer up some soba, Slurp a bowl of ramen. Or prepare a plate of pasta with a twist. Japanese Noodle King Masahiro Kasahara presents his personal favorites – a curated collection of recipes from the kitchens of his wildly popular Tokyo noodle shops. With stocks, sauces and appetizers as well as snacks and sides, The Ultimate Japanese Noodles Cookbook offers a new take on a classic comfort food.

bowls and broths

Bowls & Broths : Build a Bowl of Flavour from Scratch, with Dumplings, Noodles and More by Masahiro Kasahara

From the bestselling author of Dumplings and Noodles, Bowls & Broths is a super-fresh collection of broth-based recipes that will teach you how to season, layer and create versatile and exciting dishes from scratch. Pippa Middlehurst (aka @Pippy Eats) tells the story of building a bowl from the bottom up – with seasoning and sauce, crunchy bits and fresh herbs, aromatics and toppings – and offers accessible recipes that use these building blocks to maximize the power of ingredients, texture and flavor.

15 minute gourmet noodles

15-Minute Gourmet : Noodles by Paulette Mitchell

From the author of the popular 15-Minute Gourmet series, here are more than 100 fabulous noodle dishes—delicious, nutritious, and ready in a flash! Attention noodle-lovers! Whether Italian pastas or Asian varieties, noodles are so versatile they make preparing great meals easy. They’re “good mood food” too, making every dish filling and pleasurable eating. In The 15-Minute Gourmet: Noodles, author Paulette Mitchell shares her no-fail recipes for tasty dishes that are impressive enough to wow guests, yet hearty enough to satisfy a hungry family.

takashis noodles

Takashi’s Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi

A collection of 75 recipes from James Beard Award-winning chef Takashi Yagihashi for both traditional and inventive hot and cold Japanese noodle dishes.

Combining traditional Japanese influences, French technique, and more than 20 years of cooking in the Midwest, James Beard Award-winning chef Takashi Yagihashi introduces American home cooks to essential Japanese comfort food with his simple yet sophisticated recipes. Emphasizing quick-to-the-table shortcuts, the use of fresh and dried packaged noodles, and kid-friendly dishes, Takashi explains noodle nuances and explores each style’s distinct regional identity.

rice noodle fish

Rice, Noodle, Fish : Deep Travels Through Japan’s Food Culture by Matt Goulding (available as a book and ebook)

An innovative new take on the travel guide, Rice, Noodle, Fish decodes Japan’s extraordinary food culture through a mix of in-depth narrative and insider advice, along with 195 color photographs. In this 5000-mile journey through the noodle shops, tempura temples, and teahouses of Japan, Matt Goulding, co-creator of the enormously popular Eat This, Not That! book series, navigates the intersection between food, history, and culture, creating one of the most ambitious and complete books ever written about Japanese culinary culture from the Western perspective.

simply ramen

Simply Ramen: A Complete Course in Preparing Ramen Meals at Home by Amy Kimoto-Kahn (ebook)

Whether you are cooking for one or twelve, Simply Ramen brings homemade ramen to your table with a delicious fusion of seventy recipes, including soup bases, noodles, toppings, and sides. Author Amy Kimoto-Kahn shows you how to put together a bowl of piping hot ramen in a myriad of ways with a choice of four soup bases, ramen noodles (homemade or store-bought), and traditional and non-traditional ingredients.

ivan ramen

Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo’s Most Unlikely Noodle Joint by Orkin Ivan (ebook)

While scores of people line up outside American ramen powerhouses like Momofuku Noodle Bar, chefs and food writers in the know revere Ivan Orkin’s traditional Japanese take on ramen. Ivan Ramen chronicles Orkin’s journey from dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker to the chef and owner of one of Japan’s most-loved ramen restaurants, Ivan Ramen.

bhg noodles

BH&G Noodles (emagazine)

We love noodles and pasta so much, we created a whole magazine dedicated to this favorite comfort-food carb. Our newest Better Homes & Gardens Noodles magazine is brimming with more than 80 recipes looking at noodles from every angle and starring dishes on a global scale, from countries like Italy, Germany, Hungary, America, and the expanse of Asia and its signature dishes. There are pasta salads, cheesy pastas, even healthy noodle dishes (plus zoodles—veggie noodles!) so you can love the pasta without letting it weigh you down.

Hongmei, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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