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Stay Healthy With Help From Your Library: A Program and New Health and Wellness Reads


Stay Healthy With Help From Your Library: A Program and New Health and Wellness Reads

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced to all of us the critical importance of being and staying healthy. Having practical and authoritative advice and information  is essential to managing your health.

If you generally search the Internet for health information and want to be able to do so effectively using authoritative sites giving you reliable information, we have a program just for you. On November 1st at 2pm,  join Brittany Haliani, Director of Library Services at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, as she provides guidance on how to efficiently navigate the internet while looking for health and wellness resources, and steers you to find accurate and updated information during your searches.

During this presentation, you will learn tools to access an authoritative health website, learn how to see if your physician is board certified and how to look up your physician’s medical license.  You will also learn how to access complementary and alternative medicine websites and how to evaluate health information shared on social media.  No registration is required to attend this presentation.

Pair legitimate health websites with some great reads available at your Library to keep both your mind and body healthy.

Here is a selection of books published in 2022 covering a wide gamut of health topics- physical fitness, brain and mental health, diet and exercise, nutrition, longevity, immunity, as well as specific disorders, that offer you tips, strategies and inspiration in your quest towards health and wellness.

Big & Bold : Strength Training For The Plus-Size Woman by Morit Summers

This book guides plus-size women toward a stronger, healthier body and mind through strength training. It details the physical and mental components of strength training, including how to adopt a positive mindset about training, movements and equipment that can be used to get stronger, and putting together a single workout and a long-term training plan, so that readers have the tools to achieve their most capable bodies.

Calm Your Gut : A Mindful And Compassionate Guide To Healing IBD And IBS by Cara Wheatley-McGrain

A holistic guide to healing gut problems, such as IBD and IBS, with healthy, compassionate methods. Discover a unique toolkit of science, self-compassion, and intuitive eating practices to help you understand, love, and heal your gut. 

Cook Smart, Eat Well by Jennifer A. Welper

Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Executive Chef brings you her expert tips, strategies, and more than 100 recipes to make healthy cooking at home more flavorful, less time-consuming, and a routine part of a healthy lifestyle.

Genius Kitchen: Over 100 Easy And Delicious Recipes To Make Your Brain Sharp, Body Strong, And Taste Buds Happy by Max Lugavere

Lugavere shares how to combat leaning on “empty calories” by eating like a “genius” (consuming nutrient-rich foods that “satiate innate hunger mechanisms”); delves into what makes health foods healthy; and provides helpful tips for improving digestion (nose breathing increases nitric oxide, a gas that can reduce blood pressure). Following this are recipes both sweet and savory that harness the power of proteins and superfoods.

Glucose Revolution : The Life-Changing Power Of Balancing Your Blood Sugar by Jessie Inchauspé

Drawing on cutting-edge science and her own pioneering research, biochemist Inchauspé offers ten simple, surprising hacks to help you balance your glucose levels and reverse your symptoms, without going on a diet or giving up the foods you love.

Healing : Our Path From Mental Illness To Mental Health by Thomas Insel

A bold, expert, and actionable map for the re-invention of America’s broken mental health care system.  

The Intermittent Fasting Revolution : The Science Of Optimizing Health And Enhancing Performance by Mark P. Mattson

Mattson describes the specific ways that intermittent fasting slows aging; reduces the risk of diseases, including obesity, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes; and improves both brain and body performance. He also offers practical advice on adopting an intermittent fasting eating pattern as well as information for parents and physicians.

Life Force : How New Breakthroughs In Precision Medicine Can Transform The Quality Of Your Life & Those You Love by Anthony Robbins

Robbins brings you more than 100 of the world’s top medical minds and the latest research, inspiring comeback stories, and amazing advancements in precision medicine that you can apply today to help extend the length and quality of your life, maximize your energy and strength, and prevent disease.

Mayo Clinic, The Essential Diabetes Book : A Complete Guide To Prevent, Manage And Live Well With Diabetes

This is a practical manual for learning the ins and outs of the disease – why it develops, how it affects your body, how it’s treated, and what you can do to live well in spite of it. It also outlines the most up-to-date information on new medications, advances in insulin delivery, and the latest technology being used by medical experts.

Move : How The New Science Of Body Movement Can Set Your Mind Free by Caroline Williams

In her conversations with scientists and “expert movers,” Williams constructs a convincing case for the positive influence that bodily movement has on the brain in the way motion alters how we think and feel. All sorts of movements do your mind a big favor: walking, running, tai chi, dancing, playing at school or home. Staying physically active safeguards cognition and may boost creativity.

Plant Power : Flip Your Plate, Change Your Weight by Ian K. Smith

In a detailed but easy-to-implement four-week program, readers will, day-by-day, flip their diet from 70% meat/30% plants to 30% meat/70% plants, leading to natural and pain-free weight loss, keeping them feeling full and satisfied. Readers will learn: – The unique power of plant protein vs. animal protein – How to buy fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat: Does organic matter? Is frozen OK? What about farm-raised? Or grass-finished? 

The Power Of The Downstate : Recharge Your Life Using Your Body’s Own Restorative Systems by Sara C. Mednick

The key to maximizing energy and avoiding accelerated aging, Mednick posits, is spending adequate time in “the downstate,” a restorative mode that gives one’s body and mind a chance to recover. It’s a time when “brain activity is low” and can happen during sleep, deep breathing, mindful moments, or even “on a walk around the block.” When one’s downstate is cut short, Mednick writes, chronic illness becomes more likely.

Strong Heart, Sharp Mind : 6-Step Program That Reverses Heart Disease And Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s by Joseph C. Piscatella

Presents a cutting-edge, science-based program that teaches readers how to develop the habits and lifestyle practices that improve both heart and brain health. Readers will learn how they can prevent or forestall both the nation’s number-one killer-heart disease-as well as the affliction Americans fear most: Alzheimer’s disease.

The Whole Body Reset : Your Weight-Loss Plan For A Flat Belly, Optimum Health And A Body You’ll Love – At Midlife And Beyond by Stephen Perrine

The first-ever weight-loss plan specifically designed to stop-and reverse-age-related weight gain and muscle loss, while shrinking your belly, extending your life, and creating your healthiest self at mid-life and beyond.

You, Happier : The 7 Neuroscience Secrets Of Feeling Good Based On Your Brain Type by Daniel G. Amen

Reveals the seven neuroscience secrets to becoming more than 30 percent happier in just 30 days–regardless of your age, upbringing, genetics, or current situation.

Younger You : Reverse Your Bio Age-And Live Longer, Better by Dr. Kara N. Fitzgerald

With assessment tools for determining your biological age, bio-hacking strategies that bring you to just the right balance of methylation, lists of key foods that support the formula for reducing your age, and plan for putting it all into practice with recipes, meal plans, and simple lifestyle strategies, Dr. Fitzgerald’s study proves that not only can you avoid the dreaded chronic diseases of aging, you can actually reduce your biological age for a more vibrant, longer healthspan.

-Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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