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Image Collection

Image Collection

Image Collection

What you need to know…

The Image Collection database consists of more than 1 million total images in these categories, broken down as follows:

  • Photographs
  • Images from Canadian Press, Getty Images, and UPI
  • Maps from Antenna Audio
  • Photographs from public domain sources

The images consist of a wide array of photos and maps, with an emphasis on world news and events. Other areas of coverage include contemporary and historical photos of people, places, and the natural kingdom.

Image Collection
Recommended Audience: Adults
Provided by: New Jersey State Library
Access Available: Remote
Category: Research, Students & Teachers

How to access…

If your IP address is within New Jersey, you should be able to log in to this database automatically.

Perform a basic search or an advanced search. Search specifically for

  • black and white photographs
  • color photographs
  • graphs
  • maps
  • charts
  • photos of people or places
  • natural scenic photos
  • etc.


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The library will be closed Thursday, June 6 for Staff Day.