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“Prime” Deals at Your Library!


“Prime” Deals at Your Library!

Were you excited by the deals offered on Prime Day (Amazon’s annual 2 day event) that happened a few days ago and has become an annual staple of the online shopping industry?

Well, the Livingston Public Library is equally excited to share some of the PRIME materials in its collection; and what’s more, there are no special membership requirements for these, they come free with your Livingston Library card!

You are sure to  find your next great read, listen or viewing from these PRIME titled materials!

Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives : stories by Brad Watson

Watson takes us deep into the riotous, appalling, and mournful oddity of human beings.

In prose so perfectly pitched as to suggest some celestial harmony, he writes about every kind of domestic discord: unruly or distant children, alienated spouses, domestic abuse, loneliness, death, divorce. With exquisite tenderness, Watson relates the brutality of both nature and human nature. 

In Our Prime : The Invention of Middle Age by Patrician Cohen

Cohen ranges over the entire landscape of midlife, exploring how its biological, psychological, and social definitions have shifted from one generation to the next. Middle age has been a symbol both of decline and of power and wealth. Explaining why, Cohen takes readers from early-twentieth-century factories that refused to hire middle-aged men to twenty-first-century high-tech laboratories where researchers are currently conducting cutting-edge experiments on the middle-aged brain and body.

Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison

In a future not far from our present, Marjorie spends her time rewriting her past in favor of her idealized memories, with help from the intriguingly innovative technology that allows her to do so. With deeply felt characters – both real and in the form of holograms or “Primes”-Harrison’s widely acclaimed new play burrows into the most troubling questions of the digital age: are we replacing our memory with a false reality, and what does that mean about the preservation of the truth? Marjorie Prime ultimately asks whether manipulating our past is a corruption of history or a welcome consolation. 

The Prime by Kulreet Chaudhary

Dr. Chaudhary shows readers that weight gain is a result of the body being in a toxic, inflammatory state. If your body is not prepared for weight loss, you will fight a biochemical uphill battle, and the odds of succeeding are slim. Once you reduce the toxic load and bolster your natural detoxification systems, the body’s own fat-loss and weight-maintenance systems kick in. After priming the body (without giving up anything you love) and making a few additions to your diet, you’ll be able to shed the weight and transform your health.

Prime by Miranda Pearson

Gritty and darkly humorous, Pearson’s poems address modern myths head-on in a world where love watches itself critically and consciously.  Everything is unravelled in verses that disentangle pregnancy from motherhood, custody from caregiving, marriage from love, sex from gender, only to weave these concepts back together in startling new patterns.

Prime (DVD)

When Rafi, a 37-year-old divorcee, meets David, a 23-year-old painter, it’s love at first sight. But that love gets complicated – fast – when Rafi discovers that David is also the son of her therapist. Starring Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, and  Bryan Greenberg.

Prime Cut by Diane Mott Davidson

Savvy caterer Goldy Schultz is hosting a fashion photo shoot high in the Aspen mountains. Her culinary creations are delectable, and her career is on the up and up, until the brutal murder of her culinary mentor brings a quick end to the elegant gathering. Caught in a circle of leads, a stew of uncertainties and a mixture of personal dramas, Goldy is determined to solve this brewing mystery.

The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

Plantaganet Palliser, Prime Minister of England—a man of power and prestige, with all the breeding and inherited wealth that goes with it—is appalled at the inexorable rise of Ferdinand Lopez. An exotic impostor, seemingly from nowhere, Lopez has society at his feet, while well-connected ladies vie with each other to exert influence on his behalf—even Palliser’s own wife, Lady Glencora. But when the interloper makes a socially advantageous marriage, Palliser must decide whether to stand by his wife’s support for Lopez in a by-election or leave him to face exposure as a fortune-hunting adventurer. 

The Prime Ministers : an Intimate Narrative of Israeli Leadership by Yehuda Avnner

Avner, born in Manchester, England, arrived in Palestine in 1947 as a dedicated 19-year-old Zionist, on the eve of the birth of the Jewish state. He eventually entered Israel’s foreign service and served as speechwriter, secretary, and advisor to four Israeli Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, and Menachem Begin. This often-fascinating insider’s account of the careers and personalities of these leaders is a semi autobiographical rendering of Avner’s own experiences during critical episodes in Israeli history, especially during the War of Independence. This is a revealing story of how these men operated in moments of both calm and crisis

Prime Objective by Ginna Gray

Feisty Kate Mahaffey doesn’t need anyone looking out for her–until the night she receives a hysterical phone call from her sister Colleen. Something about two men, a murder and a plea to run, hide and above all, don’t contact the police. Terrified and alone, Kate reaches out to the one man who can help her–one with every reason to refuse. Her ex-husband, Jackson Prime, is a CIA operative whose shadowy life eclipsed their marriage. Jack may have signed divorce papers, but his heart still belongs to Kate. He’ll do anything to keep her safe…and win her back. Dodging hit men and bullets, the former lovers must track down Colleen before their mission changes from run-and-hide to turn-and-fight–for their love and their lives.

Prime Obsession : Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics by John Derbyshire

At the beginning of the 1990s, three of the biggest unsolved conjectures in mathematics of some vintage were Fermat’s last theorem, the Poincare conjecture, and the Riemann hypothesis.  This is a highly nontechnical introduction to the last problem and its history, for the mathematically curious and adventurous. The mathematics is leavened with biography, history, and anecdote. Derbyshire has made a serious attempt to explain a deep mathematical problem in a way that can be skimmed by mathematicians and lingered over by nonmathematicians.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (DVD)

Based on the novel by Muriel Spark the movie version stars Maggie Smith in the title role. Smith won an Academy Award for her delicately textured portrayal of an eccentric teacher at an exclusive Scottish girl’s school. Miss Jean exhorts her “gels” to follow their hearts and never lose their youthful idealism. Unfortunately for her, she also stumps for her favorite political figures: Mussolini and Franco. In addition, she can’t keep the innermost details of her private life a secret, and in fact boasts about her sex life to her students. Her prize pupil (Pamela Franklin) becomes so much a clone of Miss Jean that she ends up a threat to the teacher. Ultimately, Miss Jean loses her position, but not the hearts of her students. 

Prime suspect (DVD) (7 titles)

From the PBS series Mystery comes the critically acclaimed miniseries starring Helen Mirren in her signature role as Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison, who is determined to prove herself to “the lads” when she heads a murder investigation.


Prime Threat – Shattering The Power Of Addiction by Joan S. Peck

 Peck and her son share his experiences and lifetime of addiction, demonstrating what addiction really is, how it is created, what sustains it and what it takes to release addiction of any kind.

The Prime Time Closet by : A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV by Stephen Tropiano

An entertaining and in-depth glimpse into homosexuality on television from the 1950s through today. Divided into four sections, each devoted to a major television genre, this unique book explores how gay men and lesbians have been depicted in over three hundred television episodes and made-for-TV films. These include medical series, police/detective shows, situation comedies and TV dramas. It also reveals how television’s treatment of homosexuality has reflected and reinforced society’s ignorance about and fear of gay men and lesbians. 

Prime Time by Jane Fonda


In this inspiring and candid book, Jane Fonda, bestselling author, actress, and workout pioneer, gives us a blueprint for living well and for making the most of life, especially the second half of it. Covering sex, love, food, fitness, self-understanding, spiritual and social growth, and your brain, she offers a vision for successful living and maturing, A to Z.

-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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