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On Display December 2023: Works by Shridevi Kannambadi


On Display December 2023: Works by Shridevi Kannambadi

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“A Watercolor Symphony- Brushstrokes of Nature”: Paintings by Shridevi Kannambadi

This December the Livingston Public Library is featuring the charming watercolor and pencil paintings of artist Shridevi Kannambadi.

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Nature, with its breathtaking allure, serves as the perpetual muse for Shridevi Kannambadi’s artistic endeavors. Hailing from India, Shridevi’s childhood was imbued with the captivating landscapes of the Nilgiri Hills, the Tea Estates in Assam, Darjeeling, and the foothills of the Himalayas. Her artistic vision seeks to encapsulate the splendor of flowers, birds, animals, natural landscapes, and the classical architecture of buildings, bringing them to life with meticulous realism on paper. Watercolors and colored pencils stand as her preferred mediums for this creative expression.

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Shridevi’s academic journey began with an undergraduate degree in Economics from The University of Madras, India. Upon relocating to the United States, she furthered her education, earning an MBA from Rutgers University. Despite her academic pursuits, Shridevi is a self-taught artist, guided by an early passion for painting kindled by her grandmother. During summers spent with her grandmother, Shridevi received not only patient and affectionate instruction in drawing and painting but also in embroidery, knitting, and lacemaking.

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The artist has honed her craft through attendance at various art workshops, including those in Pittsburgh and the Center for Visual Arts in Summit, NJ. Drawing inspiration from the works and books written by accomplished artists such as Billy Showell, Mindy Lighthipe, David Bellamy, and Susan Harrison Tustain, Shridevi’s artistic journey reflects a synthesis of diverse influences.

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Currently residing in Chatham, NJ, Shridevi dedicates her time to artistic pursuits. The privilege and joy of showcasing her artwork at the Livingston Public Library, NJ, stand as a testament to her dedication and talent. With each stroke of her brush and infusion of color, Shridevi invites viewers into a world where nature’s beauty is immortalized on paper, echoing the profound connection between art and the natural world.

Shri can be reached at

The exhibit can be enjoyed during Library hours in December.


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