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Message From The Director: Your Opinion Matters!


Message From The Director: Your Opinion Matters!

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The Livingston Public Library is planning for the future and we need your help.  We are embarking on a revision of our strategic plan to guide us through the next three years. Our first step is listening to you – whether you are a frequent, infrequent, or even a non-library user, your voice matters!

The Livingston Public Library strives to be an integral part of our vibrant town, and we look forward to hearing ways we can continue to grow and support Livingston community life.  This feedback process is crucial to developing a road map for the future of our library, whether that means new services, changes to the collection, or something else entirely.

Please take a moment to fill out our survey and share with us your vision for the future of the Livingston Public Library.  All participants will be entered in a raffle to win an iPad mini. 

~Amy Babcock Landry, Director 

13 Responses

  1. We think the Director is amazing! We are so impressed with the job she is doing. She is always thinking of new creative ideas.

  2. I think we should have access to more New York City museums.
    Also invite community people to read to young children, especially senior citizens.

  3. Would love to see more small childrens programs later in the day or on the weekends for working parents. We love musical storytime and love that it is late in the day now.

  4. If the age of the book is over, then so is the age of the library. Even now it functions as a kind of oversized social center. Noise is the norm. Old guys in the magazine section blabbing loudly about their medical conditions, kids celebrating the end of the school day in mobs, etc. All sense that hushed tones are appropriate in a library seems to be lost. This noisiness is also true of library personnel. Anyone attempting to do research would need to look for an available room with a door if they required quiet. Modernization means selling books without a borrowing history, as if browsing no longer was a necessary function. Fund- raising is a constant, as if the tax dollars that built this oversized affair of a building had now run out. Ebooks make the physical library only more superfluous.

    I admit to a nostalgia for the library as I knew it growing up. There are some libraries, like the New York Public Library, that still seem to maintain the model of books and quiet as defining the library. I see the Livingston library, in its frantic attempt to “modernize” as hastening its own demise.

    Let’s turn it into an extension of Hillside and fill it with computers that no one in Livingston needs, remove the remaining books and call it a day.

    A practical suggestion. Spend the bulk of library funds on acquiring physical books, and fill the shelves!

    1. sir you seem to know whats going on there,,,,,is it true they get $17,000,000 per year?? i understand the police dept getting millions in funds but a library?? Nick Hoolko

  5. I was very unhappy to discover that you have eliminated the mystery section of books and mixed it with the fiction. I would like to understand the thoughts behind this change and what the point of it is.
    I would also like to have a larger collection of DVD’s. Frequently, I have to go to another library to find a better selection than what we have at Livingston.

  6. I’d like to see better internet connection, whenever I enter the library my phone connection usually cuts out to no service.

  7. I am extremely impressed with ALL the many and varied innovative programs , for various age groups, that the Library Director has introduced. In my educated opinion, as a former teacher, she is doing an absolutely FANTASTIC JOB! Even the fact that she is asking the public for suggestions and comments is extremely commendable ! Personally, I would offer a couple of additional thoughts- Perhaps some programming for elementary age children during school vacation and holiday periods… for those here
    unfortunately on a “staycation.”.
    Also- I, as a youthful Senior citizen, would love to participate in a computer Coding class, along the lines of those offered for kids.
    Thanks again!

  8. The Caldwell Library has a section for the latest DVD releases. Three day take out or $3 a day late fee. I go there all the time.

  9. I was astounded to hear you get $17 million per year?my god where does that money go to? it must be a mistake …….please explain……god bless…….sincerely Nick

    1. Hi Nick. The library budget is not $17 million per year. Information on the library and town budget can be found on the township website. If you have trouble locating it, please stop by the library and one of our friendly librarians will be happy to help you. Have a wonderful day!

  10. thanks i received a pie chart from the township telling where all the money went…..police….schools …all the big cost items……….i was so surprised to see a library onthe chart! over 1%of the budget…….roughly 17million……..ill check in to it……….i do remember when the library was expanded…….within aprx 2 years the concrete steps were cracking and the iron railings were rusting…….i knew then the construction companies cut alot of corners… one uses iron railings…. all aluminum now……then the brand new roof needed repairs?thanks again!

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