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March Is National Craft Month


March Is National Craft Month

national craft month

March is National Craft Month! Celebrate your talents by exploring new books with creative ideas. The following books will help. 

rebel crafts

Rebel Crafts : 15 Craftivism Projects to Change the World by Overbeek Van

Combine your passion for making with your desire to make your voice heard with 15 step-by-step craftivism projects. Rebel Crafts is a fun and informative collection of activism-inspired activities created by experienced crafter Hester van Overbeek. Hester will teach you how to screen-print a slogan T-shirt, create bespoke paper for letter-writing campaigns and bring inspiration to your neighborhood with a handmade mini-library

Artfully Transforming Bottles & Plates : 75 Elegant Projects to Upcycle Glass and Porcelain by Petra Knoblauch

Say yes to reclaiming creativity–environmentally friendly, beautiful, and innovative! Here are 75 projects that upcycle and elevate your discards. Transform not only wine bottles and teacups, but your living spaces-indoors and out. Use a wide assortment of craft materials and techniques, from marbling to chalkboard paints to kintsugi, to upcycle the bottles in your recycling bin or the plates that were dropped on the way to the table. Make lovely decorative and useful items that may even become heirlooms. 

The Big Book of Happy Crafts : 24 Creative Projects to Infuse Your World with Style, Personality & Fun by Lucia Mallea

Let’s get crafty! Join internationally renowned artist and content creator Lucia Mallea on a fun and colorful crafting journey through 24 stylish projects. From stunning paper flowers and cheerful party decorations to DIY home dcor and even stylish fashion accessories, you’ll learn how to elevate inexpensive craft supplies into stunning works of art like cake stands, flower curtains, parrot earrings, statement stars, and more. Each project includes frustration-free step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photos of the finished results. 

Share Your Joy : Mixed Media Shareable Art by Gardner, Sarah J.

Share Your Joy embraces shareable and mixed-media art through projects, prompts, and stories that invite you to explore your creativity and have fun with art supplies.

Making Polymer Clay Earrings : Essential Techniques and 20 Step-by-Step Beginner Jewelry Projects by Liat Weiss

This fun and complete jewelry-making guide will show you everything you need to know about crafting with clay to make your own lightweight and modern clay earrings. Versatile, affordable, and easy to work with, polymer clay is the perfect medium for any crafter to try, and the possibilities are endless!

handmade cricut crafts

The Unofficial Book of Handmade Cricut Crafts : Creating Personalized Gifts With Your Electronic Cutting Machine by Crystal Allen

Throughout the pages of this book, author Crystal Allen will walk you through thirty new Cricut projects that can be personalized and given as gifts, no matter the occasion. With her easy approach, “pro-crafter tips,” and step-by-step photos, you’ll feel like you’re crafting with your best friend.

Paper Crafts : A Maker’s Guide 

Paper crafts are as old as paper itself, with a profusion of different traditions originating around the world. The latest volume in the V&A’s Maker’s Guides series, Paper Crafts introduces a range of these fascinating traditions, offering paper projects inspired by a variety of diverse techniques, which are exemplified by objects from the V&A collection. From the classic Japanese art of origami to the gorgeously colorful and festive Polish “Wycinanki” folk decorations, the international scope of Paper Crafts is astonishing.

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts : Basic Techniques for Sewing, Appliqué, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, and Printing, Plus 150 Inspired Projects From A to Z by Martha Stewart

Whether you just bought your first sewing machine or have been sewing for years, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts will open your eyes to an irresistible range of ideas. A comprehensive visual reference, the book covers everything a home sewer craves: the basics of sewing by hand or machine, along with five other time-honored crafts techniques, and step-by-step instructions for more than 150 projects that reflect not only Martha Stewart’s depth of experience and crafting expertise, but also her singular sense of style.

Shitty Craft Club : A Club for Gluing Beads to Trash, Talking About Our Feelings, and Making Silly Things by Sam Reece

Through silly and deeply relatable tales from her life, Sam Reece, founder of the Shitty Craft Club, guides you through dozens of craft projects that give you permission to be as weird, wild, and wonderful as you want to be. 

Modern Macramé : 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home by Emily Katz

Macramé–the fine art of knotting–is an age-old craft that’s undergoing a contemporary renaissance. At the heart of this resurgence is Emily Katz, a lifestyle icon and artist who teaches sold out macramé workshops around the world and creates swoon-worthy aspirational interiors with her custom hand-knotted pieces. Modern Macramé is a stylish, contemporary guide to the traditional art and craft of macramé, including 33 projects, from driftwood wall art and bohemian light fixtures to macramé rugs and headboards.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hand Building : Functional and Sculptural Projects for the Home Potter by Sunshine Cobb

The Beginner’s Guide to Hand Building is a friendly, contemporary take on the classic hand-building book – perfect for new and returning ceramic artists. 

traditional crafts and skills

Traditional Crafts & Skills From the Country : From the Garden to the Kitchen, and From Raising Chickens to Woodworking, a Fresh and Easy-to-Follow Approach to Country Wisdom by Monte Burch

A handbook for returning to “basics” includes instructions for beekeeping, raising farm animals, starting seeds, composting, fence building, laying stone, making butter, drying foods, and much, much more.

The Eco-Christmas Craft Book : 30 Stylish Festive Projects That Won’t Hurt the Planet by Marrianne Miall

Learn to make beautiful, stylish Christmas decorations using eco-friendly materials that won’t cost a fortune or harm the planet! If you love Christmas, you’ll love this book! It’s filled with lots of ideas to create your own stylishly beautiful, eco-friendly Christmas. All you need to do is save up some recyclable or foraged items such as cardboard, newspaper, wine bottle corks, twigs and pine cones. You can choose your own color scheme to match your home and, because the materials are recyclable, you could make new ones every year! 

The Complete Cricut Machine Handbook : A Beginner’s Guide to Creative Crafting with Vinyl, Paper, Infusible Ink, and More! by Angie Holden

Cricut authority and The Country Chic Cottage founder Angie Holden brings you the most comprehensive resource that will help you make the most of your Cricut machine. Packed with valuable tips, techniques and eye-catching projects, this book will quickly turn you into a certified Cricut expert! Discover the wonderful world of Design Space, the virtual interface where you’ll utilize design templates and conceptualize all your awesome projects. 

Making Polymer Clay Earrings : Essential Techniques and 20 Step-by-Step Beginner Jewelry Projects by Liat Weiss

This fun and complete jewelry-making guide will show you everything you need to know about crafting with clay to make your own lightweight and modern clay earrings. Versatile, affordable, and easy to work with, polymer clay is the perfect medium for any crafter to try, and the possibilities are endless!

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