Makers Day

Makers Day

Livingston Library Makers Day 2024!

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Livingston Library's Makers Day 2024
Livingston Library
March 16, 2024
11am - 2pm

NJ Makers Day is a celebration of maker culture across New Jersey. This all-ages event connects individuals with libraries, schools, businesses, and independent makerspaces that support making, tinkering, crafting, manufacturing, and STEM-based learning.

Due to the success of last year's event, we are once again inviting Makers from Livingston and surrounding towns to exhibit at the library. Learn all about their amazing work, buy some of their creations and participate in hands-on activities that these makers have designed just for you. You can also pick up take-home craft kits, participate in a STEM challenge, connect with your local maker neighbors and more!

See you at Makers Day!


Maker Day 2024 Exhibitor List

Catherine – Cathy’s Crochet Creations

Maryann – Little Brigie Bags

Erica – ComboJams

Flor – Tutú Designs

Nancy – iusedtobeacurtain

Ali – Ali Brief Creations

Emerald Knight Robotics

João – Woodworking

Ivone – Watercolor Painting

Linda – Thread Painting


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Pictures from Makers Day 2023