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Happy New Year: Reads and a Library Program for a Fresh Start in 2024


Happy New Year: Reads and a Library Program for a Fresh Start in 2024

fresh start 2024

The New Year can be a great time for self-reinvention!  It can offer a clean slate for picking up a good habit, letting go of a bad one, improving an existing skill, or learning a new one.

Whatever be your goal, you need the right mindset, attitude or intentions in order to succeed.  

Keeping that in mind,  on January 22 at 7pm, the Library presents The Warrior Mindset: 7 Mindset Shifts to Unleash Your Inner Warrior 

We all have an evil inner witch constantly telling us we’re not good enough and an inner warrior whispering and reminding us to step into our power. So how do we put the witch in her place and unleash our inner warrior? 

To find out, join speaker and author Chitra Rochlani in this motivational talk based on her new book “The Warrior Mindset” that will help you embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Chitra will show you how you can start with a deep dive into the mindset and use the “ 3 A’s” (Awareness, Acceptance, Action) to go from: Victim to Victor, Doubter to Believer, Worrier to Warrior, Fearful to Fearless, Insecure to Secure, Scarcity to Abundance, and Stressed to Blessed.

She will help us understand how going through each of these 7 powerful mindset shifts can help us uncover who we are beneath the layers that society puts on us. We get empowered to take off the mask that society forces us to put on. As we detox the mind, we proactively change our thoughts, words and actions and this leads to different results. 

Whether you hope to be better with managing your money, strengthen your relationships, be more productive, transform your health, get organized, move more, or scroll less, here are some new books available with your Livingston Library card that can help motivate you, and provide you with the tools to get started.

be useful

Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The seven rules to follow to realize your true purpose in life-distilled by Schwarzenegger from his own journey of ceaseless reinvention and extraordinary achievement, and available for absolutely anyone.  Writing with his uniquely earnest, blunt, powerful voice, Arnold shows us how to put those tools to work, in service of whatever fulfilling future we can dream up for ourselves. He brings his insights to vivid life with compelling personal stories, life-changing successes and life-threatening failures alike–some of them famous, some told here for the first time ever.

Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier by Arthur C. Brooks & Oprah Winfrey

Brooks and Winfrey invite you to begin a journey toward greater happiness no matter how challenging your circumstances. Drawing on cutting-edge science and their years of helping people translate ideas into action, they show you how to improve your life right now instead of waiting for the outside world to change. With insight, compassion, and hope, they reveal how the tools of emotional self-management can change your life, immediately. They recommend practical, research-based practices to build the four pillars of happiness: family, friendship, work, and faith. And along the way, they share hard-earned wisdom from their own lives and careers as well as the witness of regular people whose lives are joyful despite setbacks and hardship. 

Built to Move : the Ten Essential Habits of Durable, Infinite Humans by Kelly Starrett

After decades spent working with pro-athletes, Olympians, and Navy Seals, mobility pioneers Kelly and Juliet Starrett began thinking about the physical well-being of the rest of us. What makes a durable human? How do we continue to feel great and function well as we age? And how do we counteract the effects of technology-dependence, sedentary living, and other modern ways of life on our body’s natural need for activity?  This book introduces readers to a set of simple principles and practices that are undemanding enough to work into any busy schedule, lead to greater ease of movement, better health, and a happier life doing whatever it is you love to do–and want to continue doing as long as you live.

Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier by Kevin Kelly

Wise, practical, optimistic life advice from author and leading technology thinker Kevin Kelly.  His timeless advice covers an astonishing range, from right living to setting ambitious goals, optimizing generosity, and cultivating compassion. He has wisdom for career, relationships, parenting, and finances, and gives guidance for practical matters ranging from travel to troubleshooting.

Feel-Good Productivity : How to Do More of What Matters to You by Ali Abdaal

In this revolutionary book, Ali reveals how the science of feel-good productivity can transform your life. He introduces the three hidden ‘energisers’ that underpin enjoyable productivity, the three ‘blockers’ we must overcome to beat procrastination, and the three ‘sustainers’ that prevent burnout and help us achieve lasting fulfillment. He recounts the inspiring stories of founders, Olympians, and Nobel-winning scientists who embody the principles of Feel-Good Productivity. And he introduces the simple, actionable changes that you can use to achieve more and live better, starting today.

Food, We Need to Talk : the Science-Based, Humor-Laced Last Word on Eating, Diet, and Making Peace with Your Body by Juna Gjata

Gjata and Phillips take turns diving into scientific insights on nutrition and weight loss to provide guidance on exercising and eating right. The research surprises, as when the authors explain that losing weight lowers metabolism because the body becomes more efficient at conserving energy, and that restrictive dieting primes the body to regain lost weight by creating more cells to store fat. Even when the science gets complicated, Gjata’s humor leavens the proceedings. Additionally, readers will appreciate the straightforward nutritional guidelines, which include exhortations to limit processed foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

four thousand weeks

Four Thousand Weeks : Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

A lively philosophical guide to time and time management, setting aside superficial efficiency solutions in favor of reckoning with and finding joy in the finitude of human life.

The Greatness Mindset : Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today by Lewis Howes

Howes reveals how you can rewrite your past to propel yourself into a powerful and abundant future. With raw and revealing personal stories, science-backed strategies from industry-leading experts, and step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to clearly define a Meaningful Mission to enhance your purpose for this season of life; identify the root causes of self-doubt and conquer the fears that hold you back; transform your mind to end self-sabotaging thoughts to live a rich life; manifest your greatness to make the maximum positive impact on those around you.

Hello Sleep : The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications by Jade Wu

This book is a practical, self-guided tour through evidence-based interventions for chronic insomnia, including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), phototherapy, chronotherapy, mindfulness-based approaches, and medication tapering. Wu is a behavioral sleep medicine specialist and researcher who has helped hundreds of patients over a period of ten years. She provides in-depth but down-to-earth scientific explanations of how sleep and insomnia work; anecdotes about real patients’ experiences with overcoming insomnia; rationale for why the evidence-based interventions help; and tips for how to problem-solve common pitfalls, along with tailored recommendations for special circumstances (e.g., pregnancy/postpartum, menopause, chronic pain, depression, older adults etc.).

Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things by Adam Grant

Grant weaves together groundbreaking evidence, surprising insights, and vivid storytelling that takes us from the classroom to the boardroom, the playground to the Olympics, and underground to outer space. He shows that progress depends less on how hard you work than how well you learn. Growth is not about the genius you possess—it’s about the character you develop. Grant explores how to build the character skills and motivational structures to realize our own potential, and how to design systems that create opportunities for those who have been underrated and overlooked.

House Love : A Joyful Guide to Cleaning, Organizing, and Loving the Home You’re In by Patric Richardson

This follow-up to the best-selling Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore extends the concept of infusing joy into the everyday tasks of maintaining your entire home, with design tips and ideas for DIY projects.

How to Be the Love You Seek : Break Cycles, Find Peace + Heal Your Relationship by Nicole LePera

Author Dr. LePera–whose integrative, holistic approach to psychology has attracted an international audience of millions–offers a new path to healing our relationships. Whether you struggle to maintain the kinds of relationships you want, or are facing a specific challenge with a spouse, partner, parent, sibling, child, friend, or colleague–Dr. LePera teaches us how to break painful cycles and reconnect with the wisdom, appreciation, and compassion that lives in each of our hearts. Harnessing the latest scientific research, she teaches us to recognize how unmet needs from our earliest relationships create our current, dysfunctional relationship patterns, and leave us in a state of constant internal threat, even with those closest to us.

100 ways to change your life

100 Ways to Change Your Life : the Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success by Liz Moody

Veteran journalist Moody translates her years of experience interviewing the world’s leading doctors, scientists, and thinkers into a smart, choose-your-own-adventure-style read that offers concrete solutions to some of life’s biggest hurdles—physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise. 100 fun-to-read, easy-to-digest parts that provide highly actionable tools and mindset-shifting ideas that will change every part of your life.

Outlive : The Science & Art of Longevity by Peter Attia

In this operating manual for longevity, Dr.Attia draws on the latest science to deliver innovative nutritional interventions, techniques for optimizing exercise and sleep, and tools for addressing emotional and mental health.  

Rethink Your Position : Reshape Your Exercise, Yoga, and Everyday Movement, One Part at a Time by Katy Bowman

Every body’s guide to everyday alignment. It explains how to check the way different areas are moving now, includes precision exercises to get important parts moving better, and shows how making small changes can increase your physical activity all day long–not only at the gym, but at the office, in the kitchen, on a walk with friends … even while you’re sleeping

Start Here : Instructions For Becoming a Better Cook by Sohla El-Waylly

Helping you conquer the kitchen, this practical, information-packed guide, filled with tips, tricks, techniques and fundamental skills, provides more than 200 delicious recipes with an assortment of variations for leveling up your cooking.

The Well-Lived Life : A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness At Every Age by Gladys McGarey

Dr. McGarey, a centenarian still-practicing doctor and the mother of holistic medicine, reveals her powerful and life-changing secrets for how to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age.

Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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