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Get Hired!: Library Program / Books to Help


Get Hired!: Library Program / Books to Help

get hired

Whether you are a first time entrant into the job market, or are looking to get rehired, the Library has resources that can help.

LinkedIn, used by millions of job seekers, working professionals and hiring managers to source opportunities and talent, can be a valuable tool for recent college graduates to build their professional network, enhance their job search, and establish a strong online presence. 

If you are a new college graduate making your first career step, the workshop Link Up With LinkedIn on July 15 @7pm will share strategies to better market yourself online and conduct a productive job search using the tool.  Career coach Lauren Markon will show you how to conduct outreach to build an effective network and how to construct a powerful “About” section summary on your profile so recruiters can find you.

You can register for the workshop here.

Listed below are books on LinkedIn that will reveal how to maximize the power of the tool, and some recent titles on job searching, resume writing, interviewing, networking  and related topics available to borrow with your Livingston Library card.

first 60 seconds

The First 60 Seconds Win the Job Interview Before It Begins by Daniel Burns

An innovative book that shows job seekers how best to impress in that crucial first minute and gives strategies to constantly differentiate themselves from the competition. From preparing a credentials package to connecting with the interviewer, candidates will learn how to set themselves apart every time—especially essential with a 5% national unemployment rate.

From Classroom to Career : How to Network, Nail the Interview, and Navigate for Success by Shirley Morrison

Reasonable, logical, and concrete advice for today’s how-to: how to write a business email; how to successfully land and then stand out in an interview, including in a virtual world; how to ask questions that can be adapted to any job/role; how to write a CV with examples.

Get That Job. CVs and Resumes : How to Make Sure You Stand Out from the Crowd

The ultimate guide to marketing yourself in CV or resume, and ensuring you make a professional impression in any job search.

Get That Job : Interviews : How to Keep Your Head and Land Your Ideal Job

The ultimate guide to preparing for the interview process, maintaining focus, handling difficult questions, and maximizing your chances of landing that dream job.

The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn by Melanie L. Denny

A guide for new LinkedIn users in utilizing the basic version of LinkedIn to help increase the chances of finding job opportunities.  Learn how to make the most of your Linkedin account and how to make your profile more attractive.

Linked : Conquer LinkedIn. Get the Job. Own Your Future by Omar Garriott

Clear, lively, accessible, and direct, this book teaches how to burnish your increasingly important personal online brand. Work the powerful Network Effect, like turning a simple introduction into an invaluable referral. Learn how to think like a recruiter and tailor your profile and job application to their needs. Master the three rules of the LinkedIn search algorithm, and game the Applicant Tracking Systems used by more and more recruiters. And employ advanced LinkedIn hacks, like playing “Who Viewed My Profile Roulette,” and strategically post articles relevant to the industry you want to join.

LinkedIn for Dummies by Joel Elad

This book shows LinkedIn newcomers the best ways to discover new opportunities, enhance their personal brand, network with other professionals, and give an exponential boost to their career.  Get the latest insight on how to create an attractive profile that will make employers give you a second glance as well as techniques for making useful connections across the globe. 

modernize your resume

Modernize Your Resume : Get Noticed … Get Hired by Wendy Enelow

This book shows you how to craft a winning resume to meet the complexities of today’s employment market. It includes new resume samples along with companion LinkedIn profiles and writing guidelines, special chapters for challenging circumstances (career change, consulting/freelance, military transition, return to work), and updated e-resume recommendations.

The Prepared Graduate : Find Your Dream Job, Live the Life You Want, Step Into Your Purpose by Kyyah Abdul

This book speaks to Generation Z and Millennials, addressing many of the concerns students (and parents) have leading up to graduation. Kyyah Abdul guides readers on how to write the perfect résumé excel in job interviews, look for relevant careers, network in-person and online, and more!

Tactical LinkedIn Secrets : Dominate in an Age of Noise, Competition and Attention Market Share by David Cobb

Cobb teaches business professionals to stand out and gain competitive dominance. The advice and knowledge provided through read-worthy mixed metaphors, humor, and rants prepares readers with, what Cobb coins as, arrows for digital quiver. 

The 2-Hour Job Search Using Technology to Get the Right Job Faster by Steve Dalton

Here you’ll find updated advice on how to efficiently surf online job postings, how to reach out to contacts at your dream workplace and when to follow up, and advice on using LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google to your best advantage.

Ultimate Presentations : Master Interviews and Presentations to Land Your Dream Job by Jay Surti

Surti guides you through the most common obstructions to giving good presentations and how to overcome them, from nerves and uncomfortable body language, to voice tone and physical habits. Insightful guidance on coping with the unexpected, such as interruptions, technology breakdowns or difficult questions helps you to feel prepared and confident, no matter what happens during your presentation.

Why You, Why Me, Why Now : the Mindset and Moves to Land that First Job, from Networking to Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviews by Rachel Toor

Full of insights from hiring managers and career professionals in a wide range of fields, the book reveals the traits employers are looking for and how they–and their AI bots–evaluate application materials. Instead of templates and timelines, it offers advice on how to present yourself professionally, from cover letter salutation to post-interview thank-you note. It also includes practical tips on such matters as understanding LinkedIn, preparing for Zoom interviews, and selecting appropriate references.

Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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