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Frights and Fiendish Delights for October: Nonfiction Reads


Frights and Fiendish Delights for October: Nonfiction Reads

frights and fiendish delights

The slight chill in the air signals the arrival of fall and of course, Halloween, and so now is the perfect time to engage in a spooky read or two.

Here are some nonfiction titles available to borrow with your Livingston Library card to put you in the right spirit. They feature ghosts, the supernatural, haunted venues, the paranormal, witches and witchcraft, guides to best horror reads and cookbooks with darkly delicious recipes, to fill your October with frights and fiendish delights.   

life with ghosts

A Life With Ghosts : True, Terrifying, and Insightful Tales from My Favorite Haunts by Steve Gonsalves

The paranormal investigator and star of the smash hit show Ghost Hunters TV shares a collection of his most memorable encounters and terrifying experiences with disembodied voices, mysterious dark masses, and other unexplained phenomena.

Accused of Witchcraft in New York by Scott R. Ferrara

The history of infamous witch trials and witchcraft accusations is deeper than just those most often discussed at Salem. The Empire State has had numerous moments of pandemonium over the potential existence of witches. From Native Americans viewing European colonists as witches in the Mohawk Valley to witchcraft hysteria among early Long Island colonial settlements, the history of New York state’s witchcraft accusations encompasses all regions and communities in the state. Author Ferrara presents harrowing narratives of those who were accused of witchcraft, the feverish community dramas that resulted and the lives of those who faced their community as an outsider.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural : 101 True tales of Hauntings, Demons, and the Paranormal by Ryan Bergara

 BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural has entertained viewers over the course of seven spooky seasons, covering the supernatural and otherworldly spirits, to ghosts, ghouls, unexplained paranormal activity, and everything in between. In their thrilling debut book, cohosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara (lovingly known as the “ghoul boys” to fans) deep-dive into dozens of haunted locations around the USA and a few abroad, including subjects from some of their most favorite and talked about episodes, as well as brand-new locations not previously seen before on their show. As they explore the history behind haunted houses, creepy graveyards, former insane asylums, abandoned buildings, and horrifying hotels, Shane and Ryan use their trademark wit and humor to dissect each terrifying tale with their most hilarious highlights and biting commentary.

Dark Carnivals : Modern Horror and the Origins of American Empire by W. Scott Poole

Author Poole, an expert in horror and its impact on American history, reveals how the horror genre as a way of seeing the world has become one of the most incisive critiques of America and its history and influence around the globe.

Death for Dinner Cookbook : 60 Gorey-Good, Plant-Based Drinks, Meals, and Munchies Inspired by Your Favorite Horror Films by Zach Neil

Visit your dark side with 60 frightfully delicious plant-based comfort-foods, baked goods, and cocktails inspired by your favorite horror movies and TV shows. 

demonic foes

Demonic Foes : My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal by Richard E. Gallagher

Takes the reader deep into this hidden and fascinating world of paranormal activity and details eerie true-life tales of demonic attacks, oppressions, and possessions.

Ghosted! : Exploring the Haunting Reality of Paranormal Encounters by Brian Laythe

Reports of paranormal experiences–events and situations seemingly beyond scientific explanation–vary tremendously, but are often associated with ghosts, haunted houses, and otherwise eerie circumstances. There exist both classic and modern texts on ghosts and haunted or possessed people, places and spaces; many of them offer discussions of traditional ideas regarding such phenomena or utilize now-outdated research in highly academic and technical ways. A very different approach is offered here in easily understood reviews provided by a leading-edge research program devoted to increasing the understanding of who has ghostly experiences and why. With new insights both global in scale and multidisciplinary in scope, this collaboration by multiple researchers uncovers consistent evidence that anomalous experiences represent a very real “Haunted People Syndrome”–a term describing anomalous experiences that manifest recurrently to the same percipients and are interpreted as “ghostly”–with far-reaching implications for future research across academia.

Ghosts of Northwestern New Jersey by Robert Oakes

Among the rolling hills, picturesque farms and lush highlands of Northwestern New Jersey lurk haunting mysteries and unexplained apparitions. A historic recluse who practiced witchcraft generations ago is said to be still spinning misdeeds as the Sussex Sorcerer on Sunrise Mountain. The ghost of Reverend O’Malley walks the woods around Mount Allamuchy as the Purple Bishop, seeking vengeance against those who betrayed him. The sinisterly named Shades of Death Road along the sod farms and meadows of the Pequest River Valley has a bloody reputation of bandit killings, Lenape massacres and supernatural encounters.  Author Oakes leads readers on a spirited journey through the historic ghost lore of Northwestern New Jersey.

Haunted Hotels in America by Robin Mead

Do you believe in ghosts? In his years of travel writing and research, Dr. Mead has found that people are almost equally divided between believers in ghosts and those who think ghost stories are just that–entertaining stories.  Here you’ll find a state-by-state guide to the lodgings that cheerfully admit to having an intangible guest or two. Like the spirits themselves, the stories are extraordinarily varied. Some are sad. Some are puzzling. A few are even funny.  From the mischievous Victorian children that linger in the hallways of the Gingerbread Mansion Inn in Ferndale, California to “Old Seth” Bullock, the first sheriff of Deadwood, South Dakota, who still keeps a watchful eye on the Bullock Hotel that bears his name, this book is chock full of frights and delights.

Haunted Jersey Shore : Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Garden State Coast by Charles A. Stansfield

An entertaining look into the haunted history of the New Jersey coastline, with tales of pirates and treasure, loves lost at sea, Civil War ghosts, and monsters and other strange beings that lurk in the countryside.

haunted road atlas

A Haunted Road Atlas : Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations, and True Crime Tales by Christine Schiefer

From the hit podcast And That’s Why We Drink, this is your interactive travel guide to the hosts’ favorite spooky and sinister sights. Jam-packed with illustrations, fun facts, travel tips, and beverage recs, this guide includes some of the country’s most notorious crime scenes, hauntings, and supernatural sightings.  Explore some of the most bizarre cases you’ve heard on the show, as well as exclusive new content from bayous, basements, and bars.

The Horror Movie Night Cookbook : 60 Deliciously Deadly Recipes Inspired by Iconic Slashers, Zombie Films, Psychological Thrillers, Sci-fi Spooks, & More by Richard S. Sargent

This killer cookbook contains everything you’ll need to be the star of your own horror-themed dinner party. You’ll enjoy thoughtful and tasty food and cocktail pairings inspired by the actual content of chilling classics like Jaws, Psycho, Scream, The Conjuring, The Evil Dead, Halloween, and more of horror’s most frightening favorites! Inside you’ll find recipes like: Crawling Steak (Poltergeist); Campfire Sour (The Blair Witch Project); Zombie Baby Kale Salad (Dawn of the Dead); Bloody Floaties (Jaws); Alligator Bites (Crawl); The Mama’s Boy Martini (Psycho); and more! 

Killing the Witches: the Horror of Salem, Massachusetts by Bill O’Reilly

O’Reilly revisits one of the most frightening and inexplicable episodes in American history: the events of 1692 and 1693 in Salem Village, Massachusetts. What began as a mysterious affliction of two young girls who suffered violent fits and exhibited strange behavior soon spread to other young women. Rumors of demonic possession and witchcraft consumed Salem. Soon three women were arrested under suspicion of being witches–but as the hysteria spread, more than 200 people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, twenty were executed, and others died in jail or their lives were ruined. What really happened in Salem? This book  tells the horrifying story of a colonial town’s madness, offering the historical context of similar episodes of community mania during that time, and exploring the evidence that emerged in the Salem trials, in contemporary accounts, and in subsequent investigations.

Nightmare Fuel : the Science of Horror Films by Nina Nesseth

Nesseth explores the strange and often unexpected science of fear through the lenses of psychology and physiology. How do horror films get under our skin? What about them keeps us up at night, even days later? And why do we keep coming back for more? Horror films promise an experience: fear. From monsters that hide in plain sight to tension-building scores, every aspect of a horror film is crafted to make your skin crawl. But how exactly do filmmakers pull this off? The truth is, there’s more to it than just loud noises and creepy images. With the affection of a true horror fan and the critical analysis of a scientist, Nesseth explains how audiences engage horror with both their brains and bodies, and teases apart the elements that make horror films tick.She covers everything from jump scares to creature features, serial killers to the undead, and the fears that stick around to those that fade over time. With in-depth discussions and spotlight features of some of horror’s most popular films-from classics like The Exorcist to modern hits like Hereditary-and interviews with directors, film editors, composers, and horror academics, this is a deep dive into the science of fear, a celebration of the genre, and a survival guide for going to bed after the credits roll.

101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered by Sadie Hartmann

Hartmann has curated the best selection of modern horror books, including plenty of deep cuts. Indulge your heart’s darkest desires to be terrified, unsettled, disgusted, and heartbroken with stories that span everything from paranormal hauntings and creepy death cults to small-town terrors and apocalyptic disasters. Each recommendation includes a full synopsis as well as a quick overview of the book’s themes, style, and tone so you can narrow down your next read at a glance.

beetlejuice cookbook

The Unofficial Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Cookbook : 75+ Darkly Delicious Recipes Inspired by the Tim Burton Classic by Thea James

Featuring more than 75 recipes inspired by Tim Burton’s classic as well as the Beetlejuice animated series and the Broadway musical, this handbook for a sumptuous feast is packed with step-by-step directions, vibrant photos and references sure to delight the most die-hard fans. Whether you’re whipping up a culinary creation for your family, friends or the Manhattan socialites you’re desperate to impress, this loving tribute to Tim Burton’s cult phenomenon will have them agreeing that you’re the host with the most.

The Unofficial Halloween Cookbook or Harry Potter Fans : Inspired Recipes for the Spookiest of Holidays by Tom Grimm

A book full of hideous cooking recipes for your next Harry Potter-inspired Halloween party. With demon fingers, arachnid eggs, or tombstone cake with tar glaze on your menu, your gathering will be sure to make a lasting impression. Use these recipes to create the ultimate spooky feast for your friends and foes.

The Witches Almanac : Sorcerers, Witches and Magic From Ancient Rome to the Digital Age by Charles Christian

This book covers the history, persecutions, conjurings, and magic of some of history’s most consequential witches, sorcerers, wizards, and mavericks. The lives and times of 360 of history’s most important witches are explored and explained.

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