Friends: History & Board

A Brief History

Friends was formed in March 1960 when a committed group of Livingston residents came together to encourage cultural activities through the Library. In 1982 Friends received tax-exempt status and is classified as a 501(c)3 organization (public charity).

Our Tax Identification Number (TIN or EIN) is 22-2394649.

Over the years, through membership dollars and other fund-raising, Friends has contributed to the support of a multitude of programs and services not otherwise funded by the Library’s budget from the town. Friends was also one of the largest donors to the Library’s Capital Campaign, and has endowed the Friends Children’s Room.

Friends is governed by an Executive Board, elected for a one year term at our Annual General Meeting, held in November.

Our current Board Members are:

  • Doreen Mollenhauer, President

  • Teresa Allard, Treasurer

  • Amy Babcock, Member of the Board and Representative of Library Administration

  • Larry Bergmann, Member of the Board and Representative of the Library Trustees

  • Ira Berkowitz, Member of the Board

  • Barbara Bye, Member of the Board, President’s Advisor, and Representative of the Library Trustees

  • Anita Mintz, Member of the Board


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