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Displays & Exhibits

On Display June 2024

Model Aircraft for June D-Day

June 6, 1944 was the day the air, land, and sea forces of the  Allied armies stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in an  attempt to end World War II. This year marks the 80th anniversary of that very important day, D-Day.  

To mark the observance, Livingston resident Bob Carley is displaying some of the aircraft models he has so passionately and painstakingly made over  the past 50+ years, in the Livingston Library’s display case for the month of June.

Bob’s 1/48th scale model display shows the amazing aircraft that  helped the Allied countries achieve victory over Germany and the  Axis power. He has American, British and German aircraft and each model is an exact replica of the actual aircraft, and included is information about each aircraft and the specific jobs they did.

 The D-Day operation was known as “Operation Overlord”. On that day there were over 11,000 aircraft in the air guiding ships, army  tanks and troops in the fighting. Bombers, fighter planes, cargo planes and reconnaissance aircraft, all took part in the invasion.    

In Bob’s display you will notice most of the Allied aircraft have black and white invasion stripes on them. These markings were  quickly sprayed on or hand painted by brush just days before the  invasion. Their job was to identify friend from foe and they helped to save lives. 

Building model aircraft from kits has been a passion of Bob’s for 50+ years. Around the age of 7 he used to watch his father and his uncle, both veterans of World War II build model airplanes, boats and train sets. Bob’s background in metal fabrication and computer programming has helped him in understanding the technology that is used in the development of World War II aircraft.

At 76 years young Bob still finds pleasure in building World War II model aircraft, vehicles and troops. Researching that period of time in history by using the library, the Internet, and going to airshows has proved to be very enjoyable to him.To make sure his aircraft are accurate and authentic he spends as much as 40+ hours completing one airplane. 

Bob continues to improve and update some of the older builds in his 100 plus collection with new ideas and information from his research.

More on Livingston's Displays & Exhibits

The Livingston Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays, which further the educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable and/or public service objectives of the Library. Exhibits and displays which incorporate books and other Library materials are especially encouraged.  The Library recognizes its role in nurturing local talent and culture and, therefore, extends its preference in scheduling exhibits and displays to local schools, civic and community groups and local artists.  The Library also encourages exhibits and displays by collectors, crafts people and hobbyists.  Other displays may be devoted to an aspect of community life, science, education, family life, local or other history, community accomplishments, national anniversaries or events, or traveling exhibits in various fields and areas of interest.

All exhibits are subject to the terms of the Livingston Public Library’s Exhibits and Displays Policy.

The Library has a lighted glass display case (H 15”; D 20”) by the entrance where the displays can last from 2 weeks to a month.  Scheduling for this is arranged several months in advance.

If you are interested to set up a display in the case or to have any sort of display anywhere in the Library, please complete the Request to Place or Erect an Exhibit/Display and submit it for advance review and approval to the Library. Your application must include photographs or samples of items to be displayed.

The Exhibits and Displays Agreement must be signed prior to setting up any exhibit or display.

Once the application is approved, you will be contacted to schedule specific dates.


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