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Coloring Corner: January Submission


Coloring Corner: January Submission

coloring corner

This January our littlest patrons had lots of fun coloring and completing activity sheets inspired by this wintery season.

Check out the December 2023 Coloring Corner submissions on the bulletin board and below!

img 3182


Patron Submissions:


doc001 (7)
doc001 (6)

doc001 (8)

doc001 (10)

doc001 (11)

doc001 (12)

doc001 (13)

doc001 (14)


doc002 (4)

doc002 (5)

doc002 (8)

doc002 (9)

doc002 (10)

doc002 (11)

doc002 (12)

doc002 (13)

doc002 (14)

doc002 (15)

doc003 (3)

doc003 (8)

doc003 (9)

doc003 (10)

doc003 (11)

doc003 (12)

doc003 (14)

doc003 (13)

Staff Submissions:

doc002 (16)
doc001 (15)

doc001 (9)

Be sure to explore February’s collection at the Coloring Corner and submit your drawings to the librarians at the Youth Services desk to be featured next month!

coloring corner


– Gail Lordi

Youth Services Library Assistant

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