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Collection Reorganization Project


Collection Reorganization Project

Oh no! Where did the collections go! Devoted Library users may have noticed changes to collection locations. These changes reflect our commitment to making our collections more browsable, allocating increased space to previously crowded collections, and creating a Library that is better able to accommodate community needs. 

Thank you for your patience as we move through this process. We think that you’re going to be happy with what we have in store!

Why are these changes happening? 

The main result of this plan will be to transform the section where Fiction was previously located into an adult space for coworking and conversation. Currently, we only offer small gathering locations in the cafe and newspaper area, and these fill up quickly. We also consistently receive feedback at all point-of-service locations in the Library that our users would like to see more seating and casual interaction areas. Our study rooms remain in very high demand (often all having waiting lists), because people are seeking spaces to work collaboratively. 

We will alleviate this problem by creating a warm, vibrant, and welcoming area in the current Fiction section. There will be ample and comfortable seating that will allow for a social atmosphere and a place where conversations can flow naturally. The area will also feature furniture for book displays, inviting you to really get immersed into the print collection and encouraging grab-and-go opportunities that may not have been present before the rearrangement. 

This reimagined space will provide comfortable spaces for reading, gathering and coworking. The collection location changes will create an improved experience when using library print collections. 

Where is the Fiction collection going?

All of Fiction will be moved to the area that previously held print reference.  Although it may seem that the Fiction collection is shrinking, it is actually moving to a bigger space where it will have room to grow. The collection was previously held on 700 shelves, it now has 750 shelves. No Fiction books were harmed in the moving of this collection! 

We have interfiled Sci-Fi and Mystery sections with the main Fiction collection. By having all genres included into one collection, it will increase browsability and make it easier to find titles by authors who write across genres. Additionally, the Fiction materials are now closer to Non-Fiction. This creates a more centrally located print collection. 

But what about Reference? 

Our collection had become outdated and obsolete as most companies have moved their available information online. Being able to access this information online ensures that it is up-to-date and more accurate than any book that can be published. It’s important to note that this information isn’t going away, it’s just being accessed differently than it has been in the past. 

What happened to the DVDs and Audio Books?

Audio Books and DVDs are now located to the right of the main entrance. This new location provides convenient access to the Non-Fiction and Fiction print collections. It is also closer to the main entrance, making the collection easier for patrons to access, including those who are mobility challenged – and saves them from walking all the way into the cafe area. 

The DVD collection now has more space to grow and is no longer cramped or on overflow carts waiting to be shelved. It’s also right by the entrance and exit, making it an easy way to pop in, get a movie for the night or weekend, and pop right back out. 

Where in the world are World Language Materials? 

World Language is now located to the immediate right of the main entrance.  World Language is a rapidly growing collection, and we had been struggling to give it to the shelf space it needs and deserves with our previous setup. We are creating easier access and giving this collection a fresh start. Livingston is a diverse community and our Library boasts one of the largest World Languages collection in BCCLS – it’s time that this collection, and by extension, our World Language users, get the visibility they deserve.

We understand that this is a big change and we appreciate your continued support as we move forward, TOGETHER, as a community!

-Amy Babcock-Landry, Director 

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The library will be closed Friday, June 21st in observance of Juneteenth.
The library will be closed Friday, June 21st in observance of Juneteenth.