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Books to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning


Books to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to engage in the task of cleaning your home.  It is a great way to reset, to get rid of winter’s accumulated dust, and clear the air before allergy season sets in.

Whether you are looking to embark on spring cleaning, or you just need some organization inspiration to keep all that clutter in check, these books available with your Livingston Library card are here to help. Full of simple strategies, easy-to-follow advice, organizing and even downsizing  tips, they’ll motivate you to actually start cleaning—and help you to keep a clean, mess free home long after your spring cleaning is done.

clean and green

Clean & Green : 101 Hints and Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home by Nancy Birtwhistle

This beautifully illustrated black and white guide with 101 hints and sustainable, natural cleaning tips and hacks will help you take small steps that have a massive positive environmental impact. Nancy shares the simple recipes and methods she has developed since making a conscious effort to live more sustainably, many of which are faster and easier than the go-to products and methods most of us use now.

Declutter Like a Mother: a Guilt-Free, No-Stress Way to Transform Your Home and Your Life by Allie Cassaza

Successful business entrepreneur Casazza shares her powerful and proven method for clearing the clutter in one’s mind by first clearing the clutter in their home, the place where transformation begins.

A Dirty Guide to a Clean Home : Everything You Need to Know-But Were Never Taught-About Housework by Melissa Dilkes Pateras

Pateras, who dispenses housekeeping tips on TikTok, makes chores enjoyable in her bawdy debut. Sharing how she keeps her household in shape as a wife and mother of three while working full-time, Pateras explains that she prioritizes cleaning a little every day, reasoning that completing daily such small tasks as washing dishes or putting away toys makes easier her less frequent “deep cleans,” which involve vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting. 

Downsizing by Ralph R. Roberts

Organize, declutter, donate—downsize and simplify your life. You’ll find tips to help decrease your cost of living, lower your home maintenance costs, protect and leverage your assets, and decide whether downsizing is right for you and your family. After downsizing your life, you’ll save time on household chores and gain the freedom and flexibility that come with having fewer possessions.

House Love : A Joyful Guide to Cleaning, Organizing, and Loving the Home You’re In by Patric Richardson

This follow-up to the best-selling Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore extends the concept of infusing joy into the everyday tasks of maintaining your entire home, with design tips and ideas for DIY projects.

how to keep house while drowning

How to Keep House While Drowning : A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by K C Davis

For anyone tired of staring at the same mess every day but struggling to find the time and willpower to fix it, popular therapist and Tiktok star Davis presents a revolutionary method of cleaning to end the stress-mess cycle.

Love Your Home Again : Organize Your Space and Uncover the Home of Your Dreams by Ann Lightfoot

Through their signature systems of decluttering, organizing, and maintaining, mother-daughter organizing duo Ann and Kate guide readers through the steps needed to resolve the issues behind the excess stuff and how to clear it out of their home to create the space to consider what they really want from their home. 

Natural Cleaning Secrets : Easy and Inexpensive Solutions for Home, Garden, Pets, Personal Care and More

Save time and money with natural cleaning hacks for a healthier, greener household by using items you already have at home such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

Nobody Wants Your Sh*t : the Art of Decluttering Before You Die by Messie Condo

This book has humor and helpful organizing tips that you’ll actually want to use. Like a delightfully foul-mouthed best friend, this book dishes out the funny, unpretentious advice you need to hear most.

365 Quick & Easy Tips : Home Organization : Simple Techniques to Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy Year Round

Whether you live in a tiny urban apartment or a sprawling suburban home, create perfectly organized and functional spaces using super simple and easy-to-apply tips, tricks, and techniques for every room–from overstuffed closets and attics to cluttered kitchens and kids’ rooms. 

–Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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