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Be Money Smart: Online Courses and Reads for Financial Literacy Month


Be Money Smart: Online Courses and Reads for Financial Literacy Month

Be Money Smart

National Financial Literacy month, renamed by the Biden administration as National Financial Capability Month,  is recognized each year in April to raise public awareness of the importance of financial literacy and maintaining smart money management habits. Financial literacy is having both the knowledge and the competence to manage your personal and household finances in order to set and reach meaningful goals.  

Personal finance books can help you sharpen up on basics—how to manage and pay off debt, paying for college, planning for retirement, how to invest, budgeting tips and more—and can help you become savvier, more directed, and more confident in handling your finances and making your money work to meet your goals.

Online Courses

You can access a variety of personal finance and money management courses at Gale Courses and at Universal Class, both available to Livingston Library cardholders.


Here are some of the latest titles in our collection covering a wide gamut of personal finance topics, which impart the latest advice, tips and information to help you with your money management skills. 

breaking free from broke

Breaking Free From Broke : The Ultimate Guide to More Money and Less Stress by George Kamel

Household debt is at an all-time high, and every day people–just like you–are feeling more cynical and hopeless about their financial futures.  Kamel shares his story of going from a negative net worth to a millionaire in under 10 years by following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. George’s delivery, highlighted by his snarky sense of humor, will keep you laughing and engaged from cover to cover (no put-you-to-sleep financial advice here). Through a millennial point of view, George exposes the toxic money system designed to keep you average (and broke) and offers solutions to help you break free from: credit cards and credit scores, student and car loans, mortgage mistakes, investing traps, marketing and consumerism. 

Deeper Than Money : Ditch Money Shame, Build Wealth, and Feel Confident AF by Chloe Elise

A guide for women to find financial confidence, say goodbye to guilt, and finally get ahead with money without sacrificing what they care about, from money expert, podcaster, and CEO Chloe Elise.  Elise demystifies finance for anyone who feels stuck in cycles of guilt around spending. Part practical guide to finance and part motivational kick in the butt to set yourself up for success, this book is all about showing how to live your life, love your finances, and make money matter less.

First Class Travel On a Budget : How to Hack Your Credit Cards to Book Incredible Trips for Less by Zachary Burr Abel

With this one-stop guide to fiscal literacy in your back pocket, the five-star vacation you’ve been dreaming of is wholly within reach. Known everywhere for his innovative travel hacking tips, Abel is here to offer his best counsel for navigating airline loyalty programs, credit card promotional deals, and hidden travel fees so you can see the world without emptying your pockets.

500 Great Ways to Save 

Packed with creative ideas for cutting costs in small and big ways, in dozens of categories, ranging from groceries and healthcare to education, travel, and major purchases. This fun book helps you get into a saving mindset, know where your money goes, and whittle down debt.  Reduce everyday costs of groceries, restaurant meals, gas, utilities, home maintenance, healthcare, and insurance; save money on fitness, pet care, entertainment, and all your hobbies; cut costs on big-ticket items including vacations, cars, and appliances; find free stuff, special discounts, and money-saving apps.

Graduate Debt Free : Escaping the Student Loan Matrix by David F. Shutler

Shutler analyzes twelve faulty assumptions about obtaining a higher education and shows how they can lead to debilitating college debt.  He sheds light on scholarships and other significant funding sources that are available for the enterprising student and explores the federal laws that govern student debt. He also identifies underlying policy decisions that have contributed to the $1.7 trillion federal debt burden and offers several strategies to help individuals navigate student debt without succumbing to it.

The Holy Grail of Investing : the Worlds Greatest Investors Reveal their Ultimate Strategies for Financial Freedom by Anthony Robbins

Robbins returns with the final book in his financial freedom trilogy by unveiling the power of alternative investments. Robbins, and renowned investor Christopher Zook, take you on a journey to interview a dozen of the world’s most successful investors in private equity, private credit, private real estate, and venture capital. They share their favorite strategies and insights in this practical guidebook.

invest like a girl

Invest Like a Girl : Jump Into the Stock Market, Reach Your Money Goals, and Build Wealth by Jessica Spangler

An approachable, empowering guide to investing that helps you level the financial playing field, move toward financial independence, and grow your money, from one of the internet’s favorite personal finance educators.

Live Richer Now : 100 Simple Ways to Become Instantly Richer by Jacob Sager Weinstein

Whatever financial shape you’re in, you can be wealthier than you are today-without making it your full-time job. This book is a collection of a hundred things you can do this very moment to lead a more financially secure and satisfying life. It includes tips on spending wisely, investing carefully, breaking big goals into small ones, extinguishing burnout, networking and negotiating, and working less to do more. Backed by the latest research and vetted by a certified financial adviser, Jacob Sager Weinstein provides a holistic program for creating a more financially secure life.

Made Whole : The Practical Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals by Tiffany Aliche

To help us set realistic goals and keep us on track to meeting them, New York Times bestselling financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche has an invaluable 10-step action plan: Made Whole. With her signature down-to-earth style, she offers worksheets, checklists, and action items for ten important building blocks-from the ins and outs of budgeting, investing, credit rating, and estate planning, to getting insurance and getting the flow of our money automated.

Millionaire Habits : How to Achieve Financial Independence, Retire Early, and Make a Difference by Focusing on Yourself First by Steve Adcock

This book is divided into two parts. Part 1 discusses each of the ten millionaire habits and the millionaire wealth-building timeline. These habits are the building blocks for everything you do inside and outside your workplace. Millionaires use these habits to build money-making careers and live a life that’s so satisfying that they can’t wait to get up in the morning and start their day. Part 2 dives into FIRE, or Financial Independence Retire Early. Younger people use these millionaire habits to work hard for several years and then quit their jobs in their 30s or 40s.

Money Talks : A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing by Ellie Austin-Williams

A feminist take on financial wellbeing which alleviates financial anxiety in millennials by tackling the areas in life where money and wellbeing intersect. How can we handle the impact of comparison culture on our bank accounts? Should we want an engagement ring, or is that anti-feminist? How can we say no to events we can’t afford but we feel obliged to attend to please others? Money has the power to shape, make or even break our lives, and can have a significant impact on our mental health – so why aren’t we treating it as an important part of our wellbeing? In each chapter of this book, financial influencer Austin-Williams tackles a major area in our life that might bring us financial anxiety, from friendship to love.

Personal Finance (For Dummies) by Eric Tyson

Get familiar with the financial pillars of earning, saving, investing, borrowing, budgeting, and protecting your assets. Dig into modern concerns like navigating the housing market, weathering the highs and lows of an unpredictable market, evaluating new stuff like cryptocurrency, and budgeting to achieve your financial goals. Take the anxiety out of money matters by building a solid financial plan, learning to spend and invest wisely, and managing your debt.

tightwads and spendthrifts

Tightwads and Spendthrifts : Navigating the Money Minefield in Real Relationships by Scott Rick

A science-based guide to understanding and transforming how we manage money, both on our own and in relationships. Building on his original research, and surveying a vast body of interdisciplinary work, Tightwads and Spendthrifts will help you understand your own financial psychology and how it plays out in your relationships. Can tightwads and spendthrifts live together in harmony? Rick says “yes,” but not without first asking hard questions about whose opinion should count most when making a financial decision. 

The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing : Achieving Financial Security and Realizing Your Goals by Nancy Tengler

Targeted to all women with a clear recognition that though the objectives and needs of this vast segment may not necessarily be homogeneous, women share common challenges when it comes to investing, this book provides clear instruction and a series of intelligent investing rules for women to live by, especially in these times with sticky and persistent inflation and rising interest rates.

Your Best Financial Life : Save Smart Now for the Future You Want by Anne Lester

Drawing on her own personal experience, the latest research and case studies, the former head of retirement solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management provides actionable solutions for the unique challenges Millennials and Gen Z face while saving for their future to help them achieve their biggest life goals.

Your Way to True Wealth : How to Make it Happen, Make it Last, and Make it Matter by Mike Brown

Brown provides the path to achieving financial independence in a simple plan that anyone can follow. He begins with the basics: the simple skills that one needs, such as self-discipline and patience, as well as behaviors to avoid, such as fear and trying to predict the future. In a conversational tone, he takes you through each step, from simple techniques for saving and paying off debt to investing and retiring, and it provides a series of mileposts you can use to measure your progress.

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