Livingston Food Czar Heidi Blum on “L-Town Radio”

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On the latest episode of L-Town Radio, Joe talks with Heidi Blum, Livingston’s “Food Czar” and the host of the “Behind the Counter” podcast, about culinary memories, great local restaurants, and favorite food-related TV shows. Plus, Archana highlights some of the exciting programs on our July calendar, Hongmei shares a special summertime song, and Jessica fills us in on the most anticipated books headed to our shelves this month. You can listen to the episode below, as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

July Coming Attractions

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This month, we’re showing three great films on the big screen in our program room! First up on Saturday, July 13th at 1:30 PM, we’ll be screening Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two in 4K Ultra High-Definition. Based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel, the film explores the mythic journey of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he unites with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen while on a path of revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family. Facing a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he endeavors to prevent a terrible future only he can foresee.   The New York Times raved: “The art of cinematic spectacle is alive and rocking in Dune: Part Two, and it’s a blast.” The movie is rated PG-13, and runs 2 hours & 45 minutes. It will be screened in English and Chakobsa, with English subtitles for the hard of hearing. Next, on Tuesday July 23rd at 6:30 PM, we’ll be screening 20 Days in Mariupol. This award-winning film was shot by the last international journalists inside the Russian siege of Mariupol. It is an extraordinary account seen through the lens of the Associated Press’s Mstyslav Chernov and two colleagues documenting the atrocities and their own escape. 20 Days in Mariupol won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. It also won the Best Documentary Award at this year’s British Academy of Film & Television Awards, and was named one of the Top 5 Documentaries of 2023 by the National Board of Review. This film is rated TV-MA, and runs 1 hour & 35 minutes. It will be screened in Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles. On Thursday July 25th at 2 PM, we’ll be screening Wim Wenders’ Perfect Days. In this film, Hirayama (Kōji Yakusho) is content with his life as a toilet cleaner in Tokyo. He has a daily routine starting with work and ending with books and music, with some lunchtime amateur photography of the same trees every day. But when his estranged sister’s daughter Niko (Arisa Nakano) comes by and stays for a few days, the disruption of that routine reminds Hirayama of a past he wants to leave behind and why he has this routine in the first place. Perfect Days was nominated for Best International Feature Film at this year’s Oscars, and for the Palme d’Or at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. Star Kōji Yakusho also won the Best Actor Prize at Cannes, as well as at the Asian Film Awards, and the Japan Academy Film Prizes. This film is rated PG, and runs 2 hours & 5 minutes. It will be screened in Japanese with English subtitles. All three screenings are free and open to the public, with no registration required.  Free popcorn will be served for each screening (while supplies last). Doors open 30 minutes before each showtime. –Joe, Adult Services & Acquisitions

On Display: Arts and Crafts from the Livingston Chinese School

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This July, arts and craft teacher assistant Linzy Mari Cheng is displaying artwork prepared by young kids (ages 4-7) from the Livingston Chinese school (academic year 2023 -2024). Here is Linzy’s statement on the exhibit: During their art class, students have created their own masterpieces following a few minor directions. We have always encouraged students to add their own unique details to their work and to express themselves.  Students learned basic drawing techniques such as creating shapes and shading based on seasons or holidays. We also painted with watercolor and acrylic paint. By providing our students with a culture class that is unique. We decorated frames for special holiday events or simply painted rocks.  In addition, students created something beautiful just from magazines. They have cut out things that they found interesting and beautiful, gluing them onto cardboard. Another piece of work kids enjoyed is pipe cleaners. The teacher encouraged students to twist and keep bending pipe cleaners in different directions. They decided what they wanted to create based on ideas given to them. This art and craft class was taught by a junior High School student volunteering at Livingston Chinese School. Michelle has been looking to spread her creativity and passion for art and crafting. This is a hobby which has allowed her to unleash her creativity and share it with younger kids. For choosing these pieces of work, she has explored the physics, chemistry, and the environmental impact of some of the materials being selected in every class. The Amazing Art of Light Clay The exhibit also features a stunning collection of light clay art pieces crafted by Chinese school art teacher Khloe Hsu’s students. Light clay art is an evolution of traditional Dough Modeling and has a rich history in folk art. Khloe highlights its remarkable qualities, such as being lightweight, delicate, soft-textured, elastic, smooth, and ductile, with the capacity to be stretched thinly. The finished pieces are durable, non-toxic, and unscented, making light clay an excellent modern alternative to traditional dough modeling. The medium’s versatility allows for a diverse range of vibrant colors when mixed with different pigments. Moreover, working with light clay fosters hands-on creativity, enhances hand-eye coordination, and stimulates imaginative thinking. The exhibit features delightful pieces capturing various holidays, including Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Full Moon Festival, Dragon Festival, and more, all meticulously crafted by Khloe’s talented students. Notable students showcased in the exhibit include Lisa & Evan Varkey, Kaitly Li, Avery Yan, Ellie Yan, Miles Ko & Ronn, Neil Chan, Ansel Chan, Alfonso Cheong, and Betty& Ethan Su. For further details about light clay art or classes, please contact Khloe at:

Raising Healthy, Happy Children

healthy happy children

July is Make a Difference to Children Month. Parents and Caregivers strive to raise children to be physically and mentally healthy. Parenting skills that build good character, kindness, and healthy relationships is a bonus. Why not consider reading books that offer a variety of suggestions on developing some new parenting skills?   Raising Mentally Strong Kids : How to Combine the Power of Neuroscience with Love and Logic to Grow Confident, Kind, Responsible, and Resilient Children and Young Adults by Daniel G. Amen Parenting is about to get easier—and a whole lot more effective…. In a time when so many children and young adults seem to be struggling, parents are looking for help in bringing up mentally healthy kids who are equipped to thrive. Finally, evidence-based help is now available for overwhelmed parents who are trying their best but feel like they’re falling short. #1 New York Times bestselling author and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen and child psychologist Dr. Charles Fay have teamed up to reveal what’s missing from most parenting books. 5 Principles of Parenting : Your Essential Guide to Raising Good Humans by Aliza Pressman Drawing on nearly twenty years’ experience, a developmental psychologist, providing expert advice and strategies, helps parents chart a manageable course for raising good humans that’s aligned to their own values and their children’s unique temperaments. What Do You Say? : How to Talk with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home by William R. Stixrud If you’re a parent, you’ve had a moment–maybe many of them–when you’ve thought, “How did that conversation go so badly?” At some point after the sixth grade, the same kid who asked “why” non-stop at age four suddenly stops talking to you. And the conversations that you wish you could have–ones fueled by your desire to see your kid not just safe and healthy, but passionately engaged–suddenly feel nearly impossible to execute. Forks Over Knives Family : Every Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy Kids on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet by Alona Pulde Presents a guide to a plant-based, whole-food lifestyle for entire families, sharing helpful tips, the latest scientific findings, and more than one hundred kid-friendly recipes. The Organized Child : An Effective Program to Maximize Your Kid’s Potential – In School and in Life by Richard Gallagher Are you sick of nagging your child to write down homework assignments? Is his or her backpack a black hole that eats up papers, books, and gym clothes? Organizational skills problems aren’t just frustrating–they get in the way of school success and wreak havoc at home. Fortunately, help is at hand. This unique resource stands out from other books because it is based on a scientifically tested program that works. High Five Discipline : Positive Parenting for Happy, Healthy, Well-Behaved Kids by Candice W. Jones This positive parenting guide will help you understand how children develop and how discipline shapes not only your child’s behavior but their overall health and well-being. With your child’s developmental stages in mind, you’ll be empowered to create a family discipline plan that manages misbehavior and encourages positive behavior. High Five Discipline is packed with developmentally appropriate strategies to tame tantrums, stop sibling squabbles, and reward better behavior, to create a calmer, more harmonious home. Self-Reg : How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life by Stuart Shanker From internationally celebrated psychologist Stuart Shanker, a revolutionary new understanding of stress as the key that unlocks kids’–and parents’–most troubling behavior. There is no such thing as a bad kid. According to world-renowned psychologist Stuart Shanker, even the most frustrating, annoying or troubling behavior has an explanation. That means there is a way to make things better. Shanker’s research has shown that for every child and every adult the ability to thrive–to complete tasks, form friendships, learn, and even love–depends on being able to self-regulate. Bad Therapy : Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up by Abigail Shrier  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. From the author of Irreversible Damage, an investigation into a mental health industry that is harming, not healing, American children In virtually every way that can be measured, Gen Z’s mental health is worse than that of previous generations. Youth suicide rates are climbing, antidepressant prescriptions for children are common, and the proliferation of mental health diagnoses has not helped the staggering number of kids who are lonely, lost, sad and fearful of growing up. What’s gone wrong with America’s youth? In Bad Therapy, bestselling investigative journalist Abigail Shrier argues that the problem isn’t the kids—it’s the mental health experts.  The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives by William R., Stixrud A clinical psychologist and a test-prep expert combine cutting-edge brain science with insights from their work with families to outline a case for giving children more freedom to unleash their full potential. Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater : A Parent’s Handbook : Avoid Picky Eating, Identify Feeding Problems, and Inspire Adventurous Eating by Nimali Fernando Pediatrician Nimali Fernando and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (aka Dr. Yum and Coach Mel) know the importance of giving your child the right start on their food journey–for good health, motor skills, and even cognitive and emotional development. In this updated, second edition of ‘Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater,’ they explain how to expand your family’s food horizons, avoid the picky eater trap, identify special feeding needs, and put joy back into mealtimes. Parenting Anxious Kids : Understanding Anxiety in Children by Age and Stage by Regine Galanti Most parents are not child psychologists and that’s why it can be hard to discern what are normal childhood anxieties and what is more problematic . However, even with childhood anxieties, parents can learn how to raise resilient, independent, and healthy children with the help of licensed clinical psychologist, Regine Galanti, PhD. Galanti offers a research-based, practical guide for parenting through all ages and stages with strategies to help build coping

June Adult Programming Wrap Up

June was a month full of wonderful adult programs and events! Below is a recap of what took place at the Livingston Library this June.  We enjoyed some fabulous virtual author talks this month. Readers listened to For the Love of Mars: A Human History of the Red Planet by Simthsonian Curator Matt Shindell and Psychological Thrillers and the Queen of Twists: An Author Talk with Frieda McFadden.   We explore our creative sides this month with our librarian-led Crafterwork and Crafternoon events. Adults also enjoyed our Jewelry Making Workshop in partnership with the Livingston HIgh School Jewelry Club.  This June we celebrated Pride with our Pride Month Workshop where we made rainbow mugs. We also enjoyed  the lecture Gay Pride: More Than a Parade. Those interested in writing attended our Spark Your Creativity: Writing Workshop.   We also enjoyed many book clubs this month including: Bookish Vibes book club and author visit with Mary Simses,  Let’s Talk About Books, Crime Time, and Thrilling Tales.  June is also Brain Awareness Month! This month we listened to the health lecture Brain Health and Memory in partnership with RWJ Barnabas.  Those looking to enjoy a film in the library’s program room were in luck! This month we hosted the Tuesday Night Movie: Showing Up and Movie of the Month: Anatomy of a Fall. We also celebrated Juneteenth this month with a Juneteenth Film Screening and flag raising ceremony in partnership with Livingston’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion.  Those who need help with their technological devices took part in our Tech Help Walk-In where our technology staff answered questions.  Those looking to enjoy musical entertainment attended our Music Matters concert where Susie Speidel performed “Broadway My Way!” Seniors enjoyed our June Senior Happening where BJ Adams presented “The Music of Motown.”  Adult Summer Reading also began this month. Summer reading runs until August 5th. Make sure to stop by the Patron Services Desk for your summer reading passport and signup prizes! Be sure to visit our event calendar to save the date for all of the programs taking place in July. We hope to see you at the library soon!   -Jessica, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions 

National Immigrant Heritage Month: Immigrant Memoirs

immigrant memoirs

Since June of 2014, Immigrant Heritage Month has given people across the United States an opportunity to annually explore their own heritage and celebrate the shared diversity that forms the unique story of America. You can check out the 2024 White House Proclamation in celebration of this observation here. Here are some recently published memoirs available with your Livingston Library card that chronicle the lives, experiences and stories of immigrant communities in the US. Brown Album : Essays on Exile and Identity by Porochista Khakpour Khakpour’s family moved to Los Angeles after fleeing the Iranian Revolution, giving up their successes only to be greeted by an alienating culture. Growing up as an immigrant in America means that one has to make one’s way through a confusing tangle of conflicting cultures and expectations. And Porochista is pulled between the glitzy culture of Tehrangeles, an enclave of wealthy Iranians and Persians in LA, her own family’s modest life and culture, and becoming an assimilated American. Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant: A Memoir by Curtis Chin This “vivid, moving, funny, and heartfelt” memoir tells the story of Curtis Chin’s time growing up as a gay Chinese American kid in 1980’s Detroit (Lisa Ko, author of The Leavers ). Nineteen eighties Detroit was a volatile place to live, but above the fray stood a safe haven: Chung’s Cantonese Cuisine, where anyone—from the city’s first Black mayor to the local drag queens, from a big-time Hollywood star to elderly Jewish couples—could sit down for a warm, home-cooked meal. Here was where, beneath a bright-red awning and surrounded by his multigenerational family, filmmaker and activist Curtis Chin came of age; where he learned to embrace his identity as a gay ABC, or American-born Chinese; where he navigated the divided city’s spiraling misfortunes; and where—between helpings of almond boneless chicken, sweet-and-sour pork, and some of his own, less-savory culinary concoctions—he realized just how much he had to offer to the world, to his beloved family, and to himself.  First Gen : A Memoir by Alejandra Campoverdi From former White House aide to President Obama and Harvard graduate, Alejandra Campoverdi, comes a riveting and unflinching memoir on navigating social mobility as a first gen Latina, offering a broad examination of the unacknowledged emotional tolls of being a trailblazer.  Go Back To Where You Came From : And Other Helpful Recommendations On How to Become American by Wajahat Ali A rollercoaster ride of a memoir, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, by the journalist, playwright, and political activist Ali. “Go back to where you came from, you terrorist!” This is just one of the many warm, lovely, and helpful tips that Wajahat Ali and other children of immigrants receive on a daily basis. Go back where exactly? His hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he can’t afford rent? Awkward, left-handed, suffering from OCD, and wearing Husky pants, Ali grew up on the margins of the American mainstream, devoid of Brown superheroes, where people like him were portrayed as goofy sidekicks, shop owners with funny accents, sweaty terrorists, or aspiring sweaty terrorists.  The Hungry Season : A Journey of War, Love, and Survival by Lisa M. Hamilton This unforgettable portrait of resistance, from Laos to California, follows one woman, with wounds inflicted by war and family alike, as she builds a new existence for her and her children by growing Hmong rice, just as her ancestors did, and selling it to those who hunger for the Laos of their memories. Illegally Yours : A Memoir by Rafael Agustin Growing up, Rafa’s parents didn’t want him to feel different because, as his mom told him: “Dreams should not have borders.” But when he tried to get his driver’s license during his junior year of high school, his parents were forced to reveal his immigration status. This book is a heartwarming, comical look at how this struggling Ecuadorian immigrant family bonded together to navigate Rafa’s school life, his parents’ work lives, and their shared secret life as undocumented Americans, determined to make the best of their always turbulent and sometimes dangerous American existence. Made in China: A Memoir of Love and Labor by Anna Qu As a teen, Anna Qu is sent by her mother to work in her family’s garment factory in Queens. But instead of acquiescing, Qu alerts the Office of Children and Family Services, an act with consequences that impact the rest of her life. Nearly twenty years later, estranged from her mother and working at a Manhattan tech startup, Qu requests her OCFS report. When it arrives, key details are wrong. Faced with this false narrative, and on the brink of losing her job as the once-shiny startup collapses, Qu looks once more at her life’s truths, from abandonment to an abusive family to seeking dignity and meaning in work. A Man of Two Faces: A Memoir, a History, a Memorial by Viet Thanh Nguyen He expands the genre of personal memoir by acknowledging larger stories of refugeehood, colonization, and ideas about Vietnam and America, writing with his trademark sardonic wit and incisive analysis, as well as a deep emotional openness about his life as a father and a son.  The Manicurist’s Daughter: A Memoir by Susan Lieu An emotionally raw memoir about the crumbling of the American Dream and a daughter of refugees who searches for answers after her mother dies during plastic surgery.  Mott Street : A Chinese American Family’s Story of Exclusion and Homecoming by Ava Chin Mott Street follows Chinese American writer Ava Chin, who grew up estranged from her father, as she seeks the truth about her family history-and uncovers a legacy of exclusion and resilience that speaks to the American experience past and present. Chin’s ancestors became lovers, classmates, sworn enemies, and, eventually, through her birth, kin-all while converging at a single Chinatown address. My Side of the River: A memoir by Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez Gutierrez reveals her experience as the U.S. born daughter of immigrants

Grill and Chill: Inspiration from the Library for Your Summer Cooking

grill and chill 2024

The warm summer days are here and it is time for eating outdoors in the company of nature, be it barbecues and grills or while out camping.  It is also time to savor fresh summer salads, sandwiches and other picnic food, and to quench your thirst with fruity punches and cool drinks. And of course no summer meal is complete without your favorite ice cream or cold dessert. Here are some books/ebooks available with your Livingston Library card to inspire your summer culinary adventures: Barbecue and Grilling  American Grill : A Cookbook : 125 Recipes for Mastering Live Fire by Tyler Florence The Backyard BBQ Bible : 100+ Recipes for Outdoor Grilling by Oscar Smith Big Moe’s Big Book of BBQ : 75 Recipes From Brisket and Ribs to Cornbread and Mac and Cheese by Moe Cason Chiles and Smoke : BBQ, Grilling, and Other Fire-Friendly Recipes with Spice and Flavor by Brad Prose Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque by Ed Mitchell Flavor X Fire : Recipes and Techniques for Bigger, Bolder BBQ and Grilling by Derek Wolf Global Smoke : Bold New Barbecue Inspired by the World’s Great Cuisines by Cheryl Alters Jamison The Green Barbecue Cookbook : Modern Vegetarian Grill and Bbq Recipes by Martin Nordin Guga : Breaking the Barbecue Rules by Gustavo Tosta Horn Barbecue : Recipes and Techniques From a Master of the Art of BBQ by Matt Horn Life of Fire : Mastering the Arts of Pit-Cooked Barbecue, the Grill, and the Smokehouse by Pat Martin Sam the Cooking Guy and the Holy Grill : Easy & Delicious Recipes for Outdoor Grilling & Smoking by Sam Zien Vegan Mob : Vegan BBQ and Soul Food by Toriano Gordon What’s Gaby Cooking? Grilling All the Things : 100+ Recipes to Make You an Absolute Pro by Gaby Dalkin Outdoor Cooking The Clever Camper Cookbook : Over 50 Simple Dishes to Enjoy in the Great Outdoors by Megan Winter-Barker Cook it Wild : Sensational Prep-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors by Chris Nuttall-Smith Cowgirls Cook for the Great Outdoors : More Than 90 Delicious Recipes for Picnics, Potlucks, and Pack Lunches by Jill Charlotte Stanford Open Skies Cookbook : A Wild American Road Trip by Sarah Glover The Outdoor Cook : How to Cook Anything Outside Using Your Grill, Fire Pit, Flat-Top Grill, and More The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Cooking Smashed : 60 Epic Smash Burgers & Sandwiches for Dinner, for Lunch, and Even for Breakfast–For Your Outdoor Griddle, Grill, or Skillet by Adam Walton Super Simple Outdoor Cookbook : Quick and Easy Food for Outdoor Fun by Linda Ly Summer Cooking Beach Eats : Favorite Surfside Recipes for Every Occasion The Complete Summer Cookbook : Beat the Heat with 500 Recipes That Make the Most of Summer’s Bounty by America’s Test Kitchen The Jersey Shore Cookbook : Fresh Summer Flavors From the Boardwalk and Beyond by Deborah Smith Summer Food : New Summer Classics by Paul Lowe Taste of Home. American Summer Cookbook : Fast Weeknight Favorites, Backyard Barbecues and Everything in Between Drinks And Desserts 500 Ice creams, Sorbets & Gelatos : the Only Ice Cream Compendium You’ll Ever Need by Alex Barker Gelupo Gelato : A Delectable Palette of Ice Cream Recipes by Jacob Kennedy Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts by Peggy Fallon Ice Cream Sandwiches: 65 Recipes for Incredibly Cool Treats by Donna Egan The Perfect Scoop : 200 Recipes for Ice Creams, Sorbets, Gelatos, Granitas, and Sweet Accompaniments by David Lebovitz Perfectly Simple Ice Cream : 100 Recipes Anyone Can Make by Anthony Tassinello Summer Drinks : Over 100 Refreshing Recipes to Enjoy in the Sunshine Summer Fizz : Over 100 Recipes for Refreshing Sparkling Drinks —Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

Treasures of the Hudson Valley: A Library Program and Reading List

hudson valley

The Hudson Valley (also known as the Hudson River Valley) comprises the valley of the Hudson River and its adjacent communities in the U.S. state of New York. The region stretches from the Capital District including Albany and Troy south to Yonkers in Westchester County, bordering New York City. This is a region steeped in history, natural beauty, culture, and a burgeoning food and farmer’s market scene. Among many attributes, it’s the oldest wine-producing area in the country, and the magnificent scenery inspired artists whose works became the Hudson River School of painters.  Lonely Planet describes the Hudson River Valley as “a real city break, with leafy drives, wineries and plenty of farm-to-table foodie options.” National Geographic Traveler named the Hudson Valley one of the top 20 must-see destinations in the world.  The Valley boasts mainstream historic sites such as Lyndhurst, the Sunnyside estate, Franklin D. Roosevelt Home and Presidential Library, and the Vanderbilt Mansion, which attract thousands of tourists every year. At the same time, a number of relatively unknown yet historically significant locales in the region often go unnoticed.  In some cases they are hidden in plain view, positioned along main thoroughfares or in the midst of city centers.  If you want to discover more about the region, join author and speaker Anthony Musso on July 1st at 7pm for the program “Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley”.  Musso will reveal historically significant sites located throughout the Hudson Valley region that are for the most part unknown and under the mainstream tourist radar, and are featured in his three-volume “Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley” book series. The sites that will specifically be highlighted in this talk include a Fishkill homestead established by Cornelius Van Wyck in 1732 that was commandeered by General George Washington to serve as headquarters for the Fishkill Supply Depot during the American Revolution and that now serves as a museum offering guided tours and frequent Revolutionary Encampments. You will hear about the only domed octagonal residence in the world, built in 1859 and located in Irvington, which was featured in The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” and now offers visitors a unique tour to observe its fine details and craftsmanship.  Open to the public through local historical societies and other civic groups, discover and then visit Quaker meeting houses that were a critical part of the Underground Railroad.  Hear about the ‘76 Tavern built in 1688 that became a military prison during the American Revolution and is now a dining establishment with its interior space untouched from its infancy.  Learn about the rustic cabin that was home to renowned American naturalist and author John Burroughs, and discover the residence and art studio of Jasper Cropsey, one of the more successful artists of the Hudson River School of Art in Hastings, that offers a glimpse into his life and work. Discover the structure that has the distinction of being the oldest Jewish home in North America and that was Built in 1714 in Newburgh by Luis Moses Gomez as a trading post for Native Americans and early settlers. Through the years it was owned by a militia captain and later a renowned artist who established a paper mill on the grounds. It welcomes visitors to tour the home and property. The sites featured are excellent venues for day trips, weekend getaways or a more extended trip into an area that spans from Westchester and Rockland counties north to Columbia and Greene counties in the Hudson Valley. Here are some books on the history and geography of the region available to borrow with your Livingston Library card.  Starred titles are available in other BCCLS libraries. 50 Hikes in the Lower Hudson Valley by Daniel D. Chazin With hikes of all types and difficulties from lower Westchester County to the Shawangunks, this book has something for hikers of every experience level. Each hike provides a difficulty rating, approximate walking time, distance, vertical rise, maps, and trailhead GPS coordinates outlined at the beginning of the chapter, and provides tips and suggestions for getting to the trail, resting, and observing views throughout the hike.  * Gardens of the Hudson Valley by Steve Gross The majesty of the Hudson River has captivated both artists and visitors for generations, and the gardens along its banks have a special character. Those created for the Gilded Age estates are more formal; private gardens respond directly to the rolling landscape and mature forests.  This book focuses on the historic landscape and how gardens have been integrated into it. Photographers Steve Gross and Susan Daly have selected twenty-five gardens between Yonkers and Hudson, including famous estate gardens like Kykuit, Boscobel, the Vanderbilt Mansion, and Olana (all open to the public) and private gardens that combine sweeping views and lush plantings.   Garden writers Susan Lowry and Nancy Berner describe each of the gardens in detail, focusing on the history of the site and the strategies for design and plant materials. *Historic Houses of the Hudson River Valley by Gregory Long  Overlooking the majestic Hudson River, the Hudson Valley has long been a favored place to live. From the homes of the early settlers of the seventeenth century to the estates of the landed gentry of the eighteenth century and the baronial mansions of the captains of industry of the nineteenth century, the valley boasts some of the finest houses in America. This book is a sumptuous presentation of thirty-three houses in the region, ranging from the earliest Dutch cottages still extant to the grand Gothic and Italianate revival, stately Georgian, Federal, and Beaux-Arts country homes of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The History of the Hudson River Valley From the Civil War to Modern Times by Vernon Benjamin Here we see the formation of the great estates of the Valley, including the Rockefellers, Sunnyside, and Olana, and the book shows us how the turn to the twentieth century brought a new era of population growth and prosperity to the region. A young Franklin

Upcoming July Reads

upcoming reads

It’s time for summer reading! You can look forward to borrowing these titles from the Livingston Public Library this July. Please note that descriptions are taken from the publisher.  Flashpoint by Catherine Coulter | July 2nd  Agents Savich and Sherlock are back in the latest installment in Catherine Coulter’s #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series, where the past refuses to stay buried. A Death in Cornwall by Daniel Silva | July 9th  A brutal murder, a missing masterpiece, a mystery only Gabriel Allon can solve . . . Confessions of the Dead by James Patterson | July 9th  In this chilling mystery from a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a small New England town is hit with a wave of crimes after the arrival of a mysterious stranger who brings more questions than answers. The Briar Club by Kate Quinn | July 9th The New York Times bestselling author of The Diamond Eye and The Rose Code returns with a haunting and powerful story of female friendships and secrets in a Washington, DC, boardinghouse during the McCarthy era. The Summer Pact by Emily Griffith | July 9th In the wake of tragedy, a group of friends makes a pact that will cause them to reunite a decade later and embark upon a life-changing adventure together—from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Meant to Be. Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harkness | July 16th  Diana Bishop journeys to the darkest places within herself—and her family history—in the highly anticipated fifth novel of the beloved #1 New York Times bestselling All Souls series. The Cliffs by Courtney J Sullivan | July 16th  A novel of family, secrets, ghosts, and homecoming set on the seaside cliffs of Maine, by the New York Times best-selling author of Friends and Strangers. The Seventh Veil of Salome by Silvia Garcia-Moreno | July 16th A young woman wins the role of a lifetime in a film about a legendary heroine—but the real drama is behind the scenes in this sumptuous historical epic from the author of Mexican Gothic. Shadow of Doubt by Brad Thor | July 23rd  In a world shrouded in shadows, where doubt is the only weapon, can one spy expose the truth? #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor delivers his latest high-octane thriller. Slow Dance by Rainbow Rowell | July 23rd  From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park and Attachments comes Slow Dance—a bright, beaming power ballad of a novel about a love so true it refuses to be forgotten. Hard to Kill by James Patterson | July 29th  Jane Smith is being hailed as James Patterson’s greatest character yet, a tough-as-nails attorney up against a relentless killer. Hard to Kill features possibly the author’s most stunning twist ever. What Have You Done by Shari Lapena | July 30th Nothing ever happens in sleepy little Fairhill, Vermont. But this morning that will change. And one innocent question could be deadly. What have you done?   Which of these titles are you looking forward to reading the most? We can’t wait to see you at the Library!    -Jessica, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions 

Adventure Under the Stars: Guides for National Camping Month 2024

camping month 2024

Camping is one of America’s favorite outdoor activities and National Camping Month is observed in June every year. Be it with friends, family, or even by yourself, camping is the perfect way to reconnect with nature and yourself. Improve health, digital detox, develop life skills–these are some other reasons people choose to go camping. Here are some guides available to borrow with your Livingston Library card to give you both tent and RV camping ideas–locations, activities, food prep, and more–to help you get ready for some exciting outdoor adventures. Camping Washington : A Comprehensive Guide to the State’s Best Campgrounds by Steve Giordana This fully updated and revised guide to more than 300 public campgrounds in the state of Washington is perfect for tent and RV campers alike. Within each of the campground listings is vital information on location, road conditions, fees, reservations, available facilities, and recreational activities. The listings are organized by geographic area, and thorough site maps help simplify the search for the perfect campground. Camping’s Top Secrets : A Lexicon of Modern Bushcraft by Cliff Jacobson Seasoned camping veteran Jacobson shares insider tips and shortcuts to comfort and security in the bush. Complete Guide to Winter Camping by Kevin Callan A comprehensive guide on how to stay safe and have fun while camping in winter, including information on “hot tenting” and “cold tenting.” Cook it Wild : Sensational Prep-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors by Chris Nuttall-Smith Say goodbye to ho-hum canned beans and freeze-dried backpacking meals. With prep-ahead recipes and field-tested advice, flavor-packed dishes like herby lemon chicken, vegan dan dan noodles and even fire-baked pecan sticky buns become deliciously doable and fuss-free. Each recipe is divided into “at home” and “at camp” sections, so most of the cooking is done before your trip. Just like that, you’ll be feasting on showstopping sweet-tangy lemon ribs, sublime vegetarian pastas, or sizzling cumin lamb kebabs paired with puff-and-serve chapati. Plus, with fun and savvy camp kitchen advice, you’ll learn everything you need to become a master outdoors cook, including which cheeses travel best, how to chill drinks when you don’t have ice, how to pick (and use) a backpacking stove, and how to make great coffee in the wild! The Falcon Guide to Van Life : Every Essential for Nomadic Adventures by Ben Dawson This essential guidebook for anyone looking to hit the road, from the weekend warriors to the full-time nomads, combines practical information, inspirational photography, and engaging stories of travel and adventure. 50 States, 500 Campgrounds : Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do by Joseph R. Yogerst This beautifully illustrated guide from National Geographic reveals 500 of the best tent, cabin, glamping, and RV campgrounds-including opening dates, booking information, activity recommendations, and more-in all 50 states and Canada. Good Sam Campground & Coupon Guide 2022 Includes 12,295 campgrounds, RV parks, and services, including 2,000 Good Sam parks, and over 450 coastal resorts & good neighbor parks. The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Cooking Discover expert tips on how to prep ingredients ahead of time, easily transport supplies, and cook over an open fire or camping stove. RV Vacations : 40 National Parks, Iconic Attractions, and Fun Family Destinations by Stephanie Puglisi In this newly updated guide you’ll discover-40 RV adventures for couples, families, and retirees.  Terrific trips to national parks, iconic attractions, and fun family destinations. Expert recommendations for 120 campgrounds, from rustic to resort.  Delicious local dining options highlighting the best each area has to offer. Tent Life : An Inspirational Guide to Camping and Outdoor Living by Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara An inspirational guide to camping for outdoor lovers and eco-conscious travelers. Tent Life profiles 40 people who have made camping a part of their life and provides advice so that you can do the same. Under the Stars. Europe : The Best Campsites, Cabins, Glamping and Wild Camping in 22 Countries Lonely Planet’s experts have scoured the continent to recommend the best campsites, wild camping spots, huts, cabins and refuges in regions across 20 countries, providing practical advice about how to plan your trip, when to go, how to get there, and what to take. In each country profile we provide an introduction to the destination and an overview of rules and regulations around camping, accompanied by a curated list of our favorite regions with reviews of the best campsites, cabins, huts and wild camping locations. Under the Stars USA From wild camping to curling up in a cabin, discover 200 amazing places to sleep under the stars in the USA.  Discover everything you need to know with essential information including location details, the number of camping pitches, availability of cabins, and electricity and water facilities. After a night under the stars, make the most of your day with comprehensive coverage of the best outdoor activities to experience in the vicinity, from hiking and biking to climbing, canoeing and wildlife watching. USA RV Adventures : 25 Epic Routes by Bonnie SinclairE Expert advice  from seasoned RV-ers Bonnie and Grant Sinclair.  Comprehensive planning resources:  Easy-to-use maps that highlight where you can (and can’t) drive an RV, nearby grocery stores for each campground, plus tips for health and safety on the road, navigating weather conditions, RV-ing with pets, and minimizing your environmental impact along the way. RV basics and essential tips  like how to pack, how to pick campgrounds, types of RVs, renting an RV, and more. Where Should We Camp Next? Budget Camping : A 50-State Guide to Budget-Friendly Campgrounds and Free and Low-Cost Outdoor Activities by Stephanie Puglisi Your guide to planning an amazing, budget-conscious family vacation, featuring 200+ of the best and most interesting campgrounds and outdoor accommodations across the US, along with recommendations for cheap and free activities, restaurants, and more. —Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian