Delve Into True Crime: A Library Program and New Reads

true crime

Whether it is in the form of books, TV shows, podcasts, documentaries or even conventions, true crime has been and continues to be a hugely popular genre. If you are also a fan of true crime, here is an upcoming Library program that can help you gain some insight into the criminal mind. Did you know you can learn about some behaviors of murderers like Jack the Ripper and Ted Kaczynski just by looking at their penmanship? Different characteristics in penmanship such as slant, size of letters, pressure, and more, may explain various personality traits.  In the lecture entitled “Criminal Minds: Killer Handwriting” on May 20 at 7pm, handwriting expert Terry Antoniewicz  covers some of the most high-profile criminal cases using handwriting specimens of famed killers to show their behaviors with some stunning outcomes of the situations that may surprise history buffs.  Some of the cases discussed are Jack the Ripper, the American Jack the Ripper (was it the same person who crossed the pond?) Ted Kaczynski, Jeffrey Dahmer and Son of Sam.  The audience will have the opportunity to see what psychological issues drove these individuals to commit some of the most heinous crimes and hear about the lingering mysteries that still exist.   You can continue to engage in your fascination with this genre with a slew of new books available with your Livingston library card. The Angel Makers : Arsenic, a Midwife, and Modern History’s Most Astonishing Murder Ring by Patti McCracken Tells the story of a 1920s midwife in rural Hungary who may have been the century’s most prolific killer, leading a murder ring of women responsible for the deaths of at least one hundred sixty men. An Assassin in Utopia : The True Story of a Nineteenth-Century Sex Cult and a President’s Murder by Susan Wels From 1848 to 1881, a small utopian colony in upstate New York, the Oneida Community, was known for its shocking sexual practices, from open marriage and free love to the sexual training of young boys by older women. And in 1881, a one-time member of the Oneida Community, Charles Julius Guiteau, assassinated President James Garfield in a brutal crime that shook America to its core. This is the first book to weave together these explosive stories in a tale of utopian experiments, political machinations, and murder. Behold the Monster : Confronting America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer by Jillian Lauren It all started when journalist Jillian Lauren asked LAPD Homicide Detective Mitzi Roberts about which case Roberts was most proud of closing. “Samuel Little,” Roberts answered. The now 79-year-old Little had murdered approximately 90 women over six decades and repeatedly got away with the murders due to lack of evidence (or jurisdiction); Roberts finally brought him to justice by tying him to the murders of three Los Angeles women. Surprised she had never heard of Little, Lauren started digging. She started exchanging letters with Little until she got a face-to-face meeting that led to hundreds of hours of interviews full of information Little had never shared with law enforcement. Lauren knew this journey to the truth was taking its toll on her, but she couldn’t stop-Little was giving her a powerful and harrowing window into the psyche of a serial killer. To balance out his darkness, Lauren decided to illuminate the lives of the women he killed. In her interviews, he confessed to 12 additional murders, supplying details that Lauren could share with families in need of closure. Harrowing, insightful, and extraordinarily adept at giving Little’s victims a chance to have their stories heard for the first time, this is a true crime book as unforgettable as it is terrifying. Blood On Their Hands : Murder, Corruption, and the Fall of the Murdaugh Dynasty by Mandy Matney Years before the name Alex Murdaugh was splashed across every major media outlet in America, local South Carolina journalist Mandy Matney had an instinct that something wasn’t right in the Lowcountry. The powerful Murdaugh dynasty had dominated rural South Carolina for generations. No one dared to cross them. When Mandy and her reporting partner Liz Farrell looked closer at a fatal boat crash involving the storied family’s teenage son Paul, they began to uncover a web of mysteries surrounding the deaths of the Murdaughs’ long-time housekeeper and a young man found slain years earlier on a backcountry road. Just as their investigations were unfolding, the brutal double murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh rocketed Alex Murdaugh onto the international stage. The Con Queen of Hollywood : The Hunt for an Evil Genius by Scott C. Johnson Blending years of deep reporting with distinctive, powerful prose, Scott C. Johnson’s unique true crime narrative recounts the tale of the brilliantly cunning imposter who carved a path of financial and emotional destruction across the world. Gifted with a diabolical flair for impersonation, manipulation, and deception, the Con Queen used their skill with accents and deft psychological insight to sweep through the entertainment industry. Johnson traces the origins of this mastermind and follows the years-long investigation of a singularly determined private detective who helped deliver them to the FBI. Crimes of the Centuries : The Cases that Changed Us by Amber Hunt A fascinating pop-history dive into the stories behind the incredibly impactful crimes–both infamous and little-known–that have shaped the legal system as we know it. Crimes and trials have captured American consciousness since the Salem Witch Trials in the seventeenth century. And these cases over the centuries have fundamentally changed our society and shifted our legal system, resulting in the laws we have today and setting the stage for new rights and protections. From the first recorded murder trial led by the first legal dream team, to one of the earliest uses of DNA, these cases will fascinate. A Death in Malta : An Assassination and a Family’s Quest for Justice by Paul Caruana Galizia Journalist Galizia details his mother Daphne’s life and legacy in the shadow of the beautiful yet deeply corrupt island-state of Malta.