New Music to Stream on Hoopla: Winter 2024

new music on hoopla 2023

Time for another round-up of exceptional new music releases that you can stream for free on using your Livingston Library card! Dolly Parton – Rockstar American Songwriter says: “As much as the record is a tribute to rock and roll, it is as much a testament to Parton’s prestige. Who else could gather so many for a party in honor of the genre? Indeed, the album is a show for the ages, a show for one and all. Standing ovation.” Taylor Swift – 1989 (Taylor’s Version) According to The Telegraph (UK), “Swift’s remake is astonishing in its exactitude, another reminder that she is a star of a different magnitude with a mastery of her own talents and a bold business acumen. …. All of the new songs are satisfyingly deft and clever, replete with sinuous melodies, burbling synths and agitated percussion that correspond with the updated eighties stylings of the original.” Sleater-Kinney – Little Rope DIY raves, “With seemingly none of that badass-ery from their classic late-’90s output diluted by the passage of time, ‘Little Rope’ sloshes up nothing less than a condensed, rocket-punch collection of ten three-minute bangers.” Green Day – Saviors Kerrang! declares, “As [Green Day] get older and wiser, when they focus their songwriting skills like they do on Saviors, they are as sharp, bright and essential as they’ve ever been.” Neil Young – Before and After Record Collector writes: “Not only are most of these renditions drastically different to the originals, Young blends one reimagined song into the next without any pause, producing less of a medley than an epic, multipart ballad. When he’s gone, none will replace him.” Kali Uchis – Orquídeas The New York Times proclaims: “It’s an album of breezy confidence and sly ingenuity, easily moving among futuristic electronics, 1990s nostalgia and Latin roots. …. Lavishly layered vocals nestle among glimmering electronic sounds and programmed beats, and on Orquídeas, [Uchis’] voice sounds completely untethered by gravity.” Peter Gabriel – i/o From Glide magazine: “It is utterly mesmerizing that Gabriel can still find new and unique ways to present his art to the world and the double mixes of this album only add to the nuanced mystique of his approach. Dark-Side or Bright-Side, these 12 songs are full-body experiences with cascading melodies that pull you in every direction. i/o cements Gabriel as one of the most innovative and daring artists of his time.” –Joe, Adult Services & Acquisitions