A Toast to the New Year: Books and Magazines on Wine

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a delicious sip of indulgent wine? Also whatever the time of year, a glass of your favorite wine and a good book go hand in hand perfectly. Here are some newish books on wine available to borrow with your Livingston Library card–including wine guides and memoirs by wine writers. (Note: Descriptions provided by the publishers) Cheese, Wine, And Bread : Discovering The Magic Of Fermentation In England, Italy, and France by Katie Quinn Delicious staples of a great meal, bread, cheese, and wine develop their complex flavors through a process known as fermentation. Quinn spent months as an apprentice with some of Europe’s most acclaimed experts to study the art and science of fermentation. Visiting grain fields, vineyards, and dairies, Katie brings the stories and science of these foods to the table, explains the process of each craft, and introduces the people behind them. Crushed : How A Changing Climate Is Altering The Way We Drink by Brian Freedman Climate change is altering how wines and spirits are produced around the world. From unimaginably destructive fires in California to historically unprecedented deep-freezes in Texas and rising temperatures that are lifting England to the forefront of the world of sparkling wine, these are the stories of eight regions confronting it all head on. Drink The Northeast : The Ultimate Guide To Breweries, Distilleries, And Wineries In The Northeast by Carlo DeVito This guide is perfect for anyone who appreciates enjoying a carefully crafted drink in the rolling hills or bustling cities of the Northeast. Home Winemaking : The Simple Way To Make Delicious Wine by Jack B. Keller The book begins with an introduction to winemaking, including basic principles, equipment needed, and exactly what to do. You are then  introduced to a variety of tested, proven, delicious recipes. More than just grape wines, you’ll learn how to make wine out of everything from juices and concentrates to foraged ingredients such as berries and roots. There are even recipes that utilize dandelions and other unexpected ingredients. To Fall In Love, Drink This : A Wine Writer’s Memoir by Alice Feiring From veteran wine writer and James Beard Award winner, an insightful and entertaining memoir of wine, love, heartbreak, and the never-ending process of coming-of-age.  In a series of candid, wise, and humorous personal essays, Feiring serves up a memoir in vignettes.  Each essay is “accompanied” by a no-nonsense wine take-away designed to answer the questions everyday wine lovers have about wine–age, price, grapes, vineyards, and vintners. The New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia by Tom Stevenson Beautifully illustrated with more than 400 images and 100 brand-new National Geographic maps, this definitive guide is arranged geographically to highlight the regions and climates that produce the best vintages.  From the countries of Southeast Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean, each page is packed with information on flavor notes, vineyard profiles, tasting room guides, grape know-how, and special information on unique varietals. Vino : The Essential Guide To Real Italian Wine The Italian wine bible for a new generation that explores the dynamic world of contemporary Italian wine, from a superstar sommelier. he tells the thrilling story of the dynamic landscape of Italian wine today: how a new generation of winemakers are embracing the land in every way by eschewing popular international styles, championing long-forgotten native grapes, and adopting sustainable approaches best suited for their local climates. Welcome To Wine : An Illustrated Guide To All You Really Need To Know by Madelyne Meyer An illustrated wine guide covering everything from food pairings and the art of wine tasting, to serving temperature, to wine regions and winemaking-and more. The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil Discusses the history of wine, grape varieties, wine-making techniques, vintages, and more. Wine Style : Discover The Wines You Will Love Through 50 Simple Recipes by Kate Leahy Discover your new favorite wines with this fun read covering the essential varieties wine lovers need to know, featuring more than 40 simple and delicious recipes for perfect pairings. Wine Wars II : The Global Battle For The Soul Of Wine by Michael Veseth Wine is an art, a craft, a science, and a delicious part of life enjoyed by millions of people. But it is a global industry, too. Economist Veseth shows how globalization, commodification, and the “revenge of the terrorists” help determine what’s in your wine glass – and how wine’s triple crisis threatens the soul of wine. We also have several wine themed magazines available to borrow via Libby. — Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian