Message from the Director: Get “Green” at the Livingston Library

Livingston Library Community,  On May 4th, New Jersey’s Plastic Bag Law went into effect. This law bans the distribution of single use plastic bags in most settings.  You can learn more about “Get Past Plastic” law, here.  To help with the transition into a plastic bag free life, we will be giving out reusable “Livingston Public Library” tote bags! Tote bags are available by request and while supplies last at the Patron Services desk. These tote bags are perfect to help you carry your library books out to the car, your groceries home from the store, and anything else you may need to use a bag for!  As we continue to make environmentally friendly progress, the Livingston Library is also pleased to announce the installation of two new water fountains with water bottle refill stations. These new water fountains give you the option to refill reusable water bottles with filtered water and can be found in the Library’s lobby as well as outside the Library’s program room.  We hope you find these new “green” services useful at your next trip to the Library.  Best,  Amy Babcock, Director