Top Circulating Movies in 2021

Are you looking for a good movie to watch? Below are the top 20 most circulated movies at Livingston Public Library in 2021. How many movies on this list have you watched? Please check them out.  Ranking Movie Cover Movie Title & Call Number 1 Minari2021 Rating: PG-13  115 minutes  Call#  DVD MINARI 2 Tenet2020  Rating: PG-13 150 minutesCall# DVD TENET 3 The Father2021 Rating: PG-13 96 minutes Call# DVD FATHER 4 Promising young woman2021 Rating: R114 minutesCall# DVD PROMISING 5.  Little women2020 Rating: PG134 minutesCall# DVD LITTLE WOM 6.  A rainy day in New York2020 Rating: PG-1393 minutesCall# DVD RAINY DAY 7.  The Keeper2021 Rating: NR120 minutesCall# DVD KEEPER 8.  A call to spy2021 Rating: PG-!3124 minutesCall# DVD CALL TO SP 9.  How about Adolf?2020  Rating: NR92 minutesGerman dialogue; English subtitlesCall# DVD HOW ABOUT 10.  The new mutants2020 Rating: PG-1395 minutesCall# DVD NEW MUTANT 11 Wonder woman 19842021 Rating: PG-13151 minutesCall# DVD WONDER WOM 12 Yellow Rose2021 Rating: PG-1394 minutesCall# DVD YELLOW ROS 13 The assistant 2020 Rating: R89 minutesCall# DVD ASSISTANT 14 Infidel2020 Rating: R108 minutesCall# DVD INFIDEL 15 Unhinged2020 Rating: R90 minutesCall# DVD UNHINGED 16 Hard Kill2020 Rating: R91 minutesCall# DVD HARD KILL 17 Wild mountain thyme2021 Rating: PG-13103 minutesCall# DVD WILD MOUNT 18 Love, weddings & other disasters2021 Rating: PG-1396 minutesCall# DVD LOVE, WEDD 19 Nur eine Frau=A regular woman2020 Rating: NR90 minutesGerman dialogue; English subtitlesCall# DVD NUR EINE F 20 French Exit2021 Rating: R113 minutesCall# DVD FRENCH EXI