Message From the Director: Ferment This Fall!

Livingston Library Community,  Are you looking for a unique way to preserve your summer harvest so you can enjoy it all winter long?  One way of preserving the veggies from your summer garden is through the process of fermenting. Known in the scientific community as zymology, fermentation involves the conversion of carbohydrates into alcohols, carbon dioxide, yeast, or bacteria. Sounds yummy, right? Maybe not so much, but some of the foods that we love and enjoy are fermented such as beer, miso, sourdough, kefir, and kimchi! If you’re interested in the process of fermentation, we invite you to join the Livingston Public Library virtually on Zoom for the lecture Fermenting Vegetables 101 on Wednesday, October 6th at 11am.  During this lecture, Cheryl Paswater, Chief Fermentologist of Contraband Ferments, will show us the science behind fermentation and how we can get started fermenting ourselves.  This virtual event is open to all, but registration is required.  You may register through the Library’s event calendar, here. Information on how to access the Zoom event and a materials list will be emailed to you the day before the event is to take place.  We hope you’re just as excited as we are to ferment this fall!  Best,  Amy Babcock, Director