Message From the Director: Reliable, Reputable, and Accurate News Sources Available At Your Fingertips

Livingston Library Community,  Now more than ever it’s important to make sure that the sources that you obtain information from are reliable, reputable, and accurate.  To help combat misinformation, the Livingston Public Library offers you full text access to reliable newspapers.   With your Livingston Public Library card, you can access both the New York Times and the Star Ledger from the comfort of your own home.  To do so, just visit our website, and navigate to Resources A-Z, here you will find the New York Times and Star Ledger in alphabetical order along with a plethora of other informative digital resources. For more information on how to evaluate the reliability of  information, the American Library Association (ALA), has put together a LibGuide of resources to assist you. Remember, your library is also here to help.  Our librarians are always available to help assist you with locating accurate information! Best, Amy, Director