Books That Have Changed Your Life

Someone recently posed the question, Which book has changed or greatly influenced your life for the better?  A finance book that came at a particularly crucial time?  A book that inspired you or shaped the way you view things?  Books are incredible vessels that have the power to transport us to other places and time periods.  They are a source of enjoyment, of information, and learning. They also have the power to teach us lessons and touch our lives, coming to us when we need them most.  Why, then, is it so hard for me to think of a book that has helped to shape me as the person that I am today?  I read A LOT of books, but I don’t think that one particular title stands out from the rest. If anything I think that it’s the experiences of the books, who I share them with, and who I talk about them with that means more to me than my individual experience with the words. If I were forced to pick one, I would probably pick  Heidi because I shared the moment the book created with my grandma back in elementary school.   Here are what a small sampling of our fellow librarians have to say: Katie, Adult Services: Harry Potter Joseph, Adult Services: A Scanner Darkly by PKD Gina, Youth Services: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown What book has influenced your life?  Comment below with your thoughts! -Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian