Hey LTown – What Are You Reading?

The Livingston Public Library is proud to continue the tradition of participating in Youth Appreciation Week.  This year, we want to talk to you about…you guessed it…BOOKS!  Tell us what you’re reading, your favorite book, what you want to read, etc, and then create your own ‘book button’ using our super cool button maker. Children and teens can stop by the Youth Department on Wednesday, May 15, between 3:00-5:00 PM. Why wait?  Tell us now, what are you reading??? ~Gina Vaccaro, Youth Services Librarian 

Print Books or E-books?

Hello library readers!  We love hearing about your reading styles, and today we’d like to hear your opinions on whether you prefer print books or e-books as your primary format choice.  There are many reasons for loving print books and just as many for loving e-books. Personally I am primarily a print book reader, where lining books up, admiring their spines, and holding them in my hands are a few of my favorite things.  However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I wish my purse wasn’t bogged down by what I’m currently reading. Here is a short list of why e-books and print books are both awesome. Reasons for loving e-books: Easy to carry You can take millions of books anywhere Easy storage The Library has an awesome e-library Reasons for loving print books: They smell nice You can line them up and admire them They make great decor They minimize blue light exposure      In a short survey of 4 Adult Services Librarians, 3 preferred print books over e-books.  So tell us, which type of book format do you prefer and why? -Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian