Message from the Director: Tea & Tai Chi

Dear Livingston Library Community, Are you curious about authentic Chinese methods of relaxation? The Library is proud to present a free public presentation, “Tea & Tai Chi,” on Sunday, November 19th. “In China, people use both the tea ceremony and the practice of tai chi to promote mindfulness,” says Hongmei Liu, our World Literature Librarian, who grew up in China. “Our presenter Angel Li will show that every step of preparing tea involves choices: selecting the kind of tea, the temperature of the water, how many seconds you steep it, enjoying its aroma–it’s all deeply meditative when it’s done correctly.” Chuantong Lin, an award-winning tai chi master from the Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi School in Warren, will demonstrate the graceful, flowing sequence of tai chi, “which is often referred to as ‘meditation in motion,’” Hongmei explains. “It’s very popular in China; every park is crowded with people practicing tai chi.” Don’t miss this wonderful chance to experience the heart of traditional Chinese culture! The program is free and open to everyone; no reservations are required, but please come early to find parking. Remember, at Livingston Library we bring the world to you. All the best, Amy Director – Livingston Library