Message from the Director: My Kind of Role Model

Dear Livingston Library Community, Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Library, and no one has given more consistently than our longtime trustee, Judi Nudelman, who is stepping down after 42 years of service.  In an age of sound bites and disposable products, Judi’s longstanding commitment to literacy and public service seems even more notable, spanning several eras in librarianship.  Judi was deeply involved in our earliest fundraising and logistical efforts to computerize the Library and actively worked to fund the Library’s renovation and expansion both in 1977 and 2007.  She was president of the Board for 24 years.  And she did it all with her customary enthusiasm and vigor.  My favorite Judi story is embodied in this photo of the ceremony beginning the Library’s first expansion.  She’s the one in jeans, standing next to a woman in a proper skirt and coat.  “That was Councilwoman Carol Beck, and oh, she was mad at me!”  Judi remembers.  “But it was a groundbreaking!  I thought they might hand me a shovel!”  Judi adds, laughing, “For years she called me up before every event to remind me to dress properly.”  Now that’s my kind of role model! Thank you, Judi…for everything. Because at the Livingston Library, we get by with a little help from our friends. Or in your case, more than a little. All the best, Amy, Director, Livingston Library